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The surprising fans' reaction to BTS new song 'Life Goes On'

Fans are crazy about BTS.They have climbed a long way to reach the recognition they deserve. Today, they stand as the most famous band on the planet. The Bangtan Boys worked on a deluxe album in quarantine, and it is going to release in a couple of days. While we wait for the album to drop, the boys released a teaser for their fans, Army. Read below to find what the fans think about the trailer. 

  • BTS has a net worth of $450 million after receiving 68385 shares each from their boss.
  • Jimin was previously the shortest member of the group, but now he ties with Suga at 5'8"
  • BTS' latest song 'Dynamite' holds the record for the highest number of views in 24 hours.
  • What their new song's teaser below!

With countless awards and records under their name, the boys still put their blood, sweat, and tears into their work. Here's what we think about the teaser. 

BTS for BE

Jungkook, the youngest member of the group, has a passion for videography. He is the director of the music video for their new song Life Goes ON.  If you haven't already seen 'Golden Closet Films' you are unaware of the talents this young man possesses. Jungkook always dreamt of directing a music video.

We are so happy for him. Personally, we cannot wait to binge-watch the music video when it comes out. Fans cannot wait either. They are already so proud of Jungkook's talent. Are you ready to be blown away by Jungkook's talent? We must buckle up for the video.

Fans were quick to spot that the music video was filmed in their actual dorm. K-Pop idols usually live together in dorms. Fans noticed some resemblances in the video and the pictures the boys have uploaded from their dorm. This is really going to be different.

The boys said they wanted to show their real selves to Army. Is there a better way than to film at their actual dorm? Wow! This is going to blow the industry.  Are you prepared Army? 

Fans cannot wait for the music video to drop. The trailer looks cozy and serene. This might be another song we all needed in such a difficult time. The title Life Goes ON already sounds like a message of comfort for everyone out there. Let us know what you think about the teaser in the comments! 


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