Fans feel torn between choosing Jisoo's dual personality!

Fans feel torn between choosing Jisoo's dual personality!

Being a member of the biggest group in the world comes with its perks! Fans took to social media to express how torn they were in making an impossible choice when it came to Blackpink's Jisoo! Who knew someone so charming could put her fans in such a dilemma? Read more below to find out how Jisoo’s duality could cost her!

  • Kim Jisoo has been the face of luxury brands such as DIOR and Cartier. 
  • Her popular Instagram account has 31.4 million followers and has gained attention from many famous fashion designers.
  • She is the only female Korean idol to make it into Business of Fashion’s BOF 500 list.
  • Before becoming a famous singer, Jisoo dreamed of being a writer.
Jisoo poses for 'Kill This Love' teaser

Netizens were holding their heads in their hands over a poll posted online. The poll asked 'Do you prefer Jisoo or Chichu?'. Sounds simple? Well, it isn't. Jisoo refers to the chic and alluring personality that Jisoo possesses as an idol on-stage. Chichu is a cuter side of the singer. 

Chichu at a fansign

 The nickname 'JIichu' originates from Chichu and was given to Jisoo by her band member Jennie. In return, Jisoo also assigned the name 'Jendeukie' to her. Chichu is who Jisoo is when she's off-stage.

Her real innocent persona and playful personality show during game shows and video chats with fans. She loves to play pranks on her members. Did you know that once Jisoo locked Lisa out of their dorm?

Jisoo performing DDU DU DDU DU

Jisoo immediately takes charge the moment the lights hit the stage. The charismatic girl jumps into character as it's time to give the fans the best show. She is known and admired for her professional attitude. Once, Jisoo got injured on stage due to the pyrotechnics and continued to perform for the fans despite her injury!

Chichu messing around on KTL set

The fans confessed that they loved both sides of Jisoo too much. Still, the poll closed with the final results in favor of 'Chichu'. 305 fans picked Jisoo's lovely side while 70 fans decided that they loved Jisoo when she's performing. 

This is a hard choice to make, no doubt! My preference leans towards 'Chichu'. I love how honest and carefree Jisoo is. If you had to pick between the two, which Jisoo would you choose? Comment below. 


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