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Fans celebrate the big-screen premiere of Red Velvet Irene's film 'Double Patty'!

With 'Double Patty' hitting the cinemas on February 17th, 2021, Korean fans are giving away burgers to celebrate. Isn't that adorable? They also trended the hashtag #ProudOfBaeJoohyun worldwide on Twitter. Fans all over the globe have been anticipating the release of Irene's coming of age film since August 2020. What other celebrations did the fans do? Read below to find out!

  • Irene's real name is Bae Joohyun, and she's the eldest member of the K-pop girl group ‘Red Velvet’.
  • The idol-actress trained for 5 years under SM Entertainment.
  • Fans in South Korea celebrated the big-screen debut of the actress on February 17th, 2021, by giving away burgers and rice cakes after the premiere.
Fans celebrating at a burger joint in Korea

On February 17th, 2021 after the first screening of 'Double Patty' fans were exploding with happiness! Various fan projects took place giving away burgers and rice cakes. In January 2021, fans arranged subway advertisements in Seoul. Click here to see it!

Korean fans also held small gatherings at burger joints to celebrate. I think it's a really creative idea that helps to promote the film too. Don't you agree?

Irene at Double Patty Premiere

To gear up the excitement, fans of Irene trended 'ProudOfBaeJoohyun' on Twitter. The hashtag had more than 1 million tweets and was trending worldwide. Her fans are amazing, don't you think?

It was heartwarming to see everyone congratulate the star as she posted wonderful selfies from the premiere! Wow, Isn't she the most beautiful actress you've ever seen?

'Double Patty' starring Bae Joohyun (Irene) and Shin Seung-Ho is directed by Baek Seunghwan. The film shows the life of an aspiring news anchor that works part-time at a burger joint. A lot of young fans around the world were moved by the motivational messages in the movie.

The film's main purpose was to provide comfort to the youth in these trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the reviews about it hereHow thoughtful is that? I really love watching such coming of age films. 


Irene at Double Patty screening

 As a huge fan of Irene, it feels nice to see all the praise for her acting and the success of the film. The amazing energy from the Korean fans is giving me goosebumps! Irene's hard work is paying off as fans have shown a wonderful response. The film sold a total of 4,638 tickets on it's opening day! Isn't that amazing?

Are you craving a burger after hearing about the fan giveaways? Comment below!


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