Jisoo performing for SBS Gayo Daejeon awards

Fans are shocked by the price tag of Jisoo's black dress!

Celebrities wear expensive clothes all the time, so why are Jisoo's fans so shocked? 4 days after Jisoo posted on her Instagram account, the picture started going viral! Read more below to see what people speculated about Jisoo's simple yet elegant look!  

  • Jisoo has credits for songwriting alongside Jennie in Blackpink’s debut album.
  • She is the only Korean female idol to be a part of the Business of Fashion’s Top 500 list.
  • Recently, Jisoo got included in a list of Top 10 influencers regarding cosmetics. The 25-year-old singer has a net worth of $9 million. 
  • Her trainee era under YG Entertainment lasted for 5 years before debut. 

Jisoo posts for her 32 million Instagram followers

Jisoo poses in a gray sweater

The worldwide star uploaded a picture on her popular Instagram, wearing a cute gray sweater over a black dress. Even though Jisoo has a very neutral expression, her visual aura is very captivating!

The black dress she wears has a stylish belt and decorations of gold that catch the eye. I think she looks absolutely gorgeous. This has to be one of my favorite looks on her!

Jisoo surprises with another picture!

Jisoo wears biege boots with black dress

The reaction that came with the next post was even bigger! This time Jisoo posed in the gorgeous black dress without the sweater! She has a great sense of fashion to pair it with beige knee-high boots for contrast. Truly a fashion icon! I could not get enough of how well the dress complimented Jisoo's beautiful figure. Don't you agree?

How much does this dress cost?

Jisoo at PRADA event

As soon as Jisoo posted, the detectives of the K-pop fan world got to work. It was revealed that she was rocking an insanely gorgeous Versace dress that cost $3,395. WOW, my jaw is on the floor right now!

I just think it's funny how this may seem like nothing to Jisoo's bank account but for me, I see it as her posing in a dress worthy of the monthly amount of house rent! The dress is stunning no doubt but would you spend so much on it? Let us know in the comments. 

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