BTS Jin smiling while wearing a tuxedo

Fans are comparing Jin to fridges, and it's hilarious!

What type of fridge would you be? That is a question which BTS fans have answered! With a Twitter account dedicated to fridges and Jin, it’s a chaotic mess! Scroll down below to see exactly what type of fridge does BTS’ oldest member resembles.

  • He is known for his show called 'EatJin' where he eats and makes jokes!
  • Kim Seokjin is the oldest member of BTS at 29-year-old.
  • The hilarious singer has a net worth of $20 million.
BTS Jin as a pink fridge, Twitter

Not only is this hilarious but also realistic. I can definitely see the resemblance. We get to see Jin’s handsome face and some amazing fridges – what’s there to complain about?

BTS Jin in expensive green shirt

With a fan following of 31 million, BTS is bound to have eccentric fans. This account made just for comparing Jin’s pictures to fridges is surely one of the strange ones.

Young BTS singer Jin in black clothes

Fans have been loving this harmless fun, and the account now has 18k followers! We can’t blame ARMYs for enjoying this so much!

Cute BTS Jin in Santa clothes

Jin is the oldest member, and the funniest one too! He’s often found making puns and laughing at his own jokes. We're sure the hilarious singer loves these pictures. 

BTS Jin laughing

We hope you are laughing at this just as much as we are! With Jin’s sense of humor, he’s bound to enjoy these pictures too! Let us know in the comments below what you think!

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