Everything you need to know about the members of K-pop band Aespa

SM Entertainment is promoting a new K-pop girl group under the name aespa. On November 17, we'll be able to enjoy all their musical talents in the music video "Blabk Mamba". While we wait let's get to know more closely the four members of the group that have been revealed so far. Scroll down to know Winter, Karina, Ning Ning and Giselle.  

  • On October 26th, one of the three most important entertainment companies in Korea, SM Entertainment revealed the release of Red Velvet's successors. The K-pop band that launched in 2014 and is rumored to be disbanded soon. 
  • aespa appeared in K-pop scene a few days ago and already has thousands of fans around the world ready to follow and love them. The group already has a fandom named "My".
  • The name is a mixture of the words Avatar/Experience/Aspect. This is actually the concept of the band, they'll introduce virtual members and an aespa universe where fans will experience something totally new.

 Four were the members revealed by the entertainment giant, SM:  Karina, Winter, Giselle and Ning Ning.

They will be in charge of carrying out this new musical adventure with great innovations in virtual matter.

All 4 girls were trained in SM's special school.

Let's take a look at their bios.



Her real name is Kim Min-jeong.

She's been training for 3 years to become a K-pop star.

Winter was the first member to be revealed on October 26th.

This Korean girl is 18 years old and among her talents, dancing and amazing vocals stand out.



Karina with her avatar, My Karina.

The second member to be revealed was Yoo Ji Min AKA Karina from now on.

She is 20 years old and 5ft 5in tall. Born in South Korea, Karina was in change of presenting the group's concept by introducing her very own avatar My Karina on October 28th. 

This girl trained for 4 years and is no stranger to the fans, the singer appeared in Taemin's music video “Want” in 2011.

Ning Ning

Ning Ning will probably be the leader of the band

She was born in China 18 years ago by the name of Ning Yizhuo.

Ning Ning plays the piano, sings like an angel and already has a fandom called  “NingMeng’s”.

This means that the fans already know her and that's because the singer used to be part of “Let’s Sing Kids” in China.

The singer and rapper has been training with SM Entertainment since 2016 and even became a member of the Rookies that same year.


Giselle was the last member of aespa to be introduced.

The last member to be introduces was Aeri Uchinaga. 

She was born in Japan on October 30th 2000.

As she attended school in Japan she's supposed to be fluent in English.

Giselle plays the guitar and loves Blackpink and GOT7.

After participating in a choir for four years she entered SM's special academy for young talents and after only one year was chosen to be part of aespa. 

This is the logo of the band.

Which one is your favorite?

Go crazy on the comments section and let us know how hard you want to see aespa in action!

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