Everything you need to know about Giselle from K-Pop band Aespa

After the incredible debut of the new SM Entertainment band, on November 17th with the digital song “Black Mamba”, the world wants to know more about the four girls that make up the group Aespa. This time we are going to focus on getting to know the Japanese Giselle a little more closely. Keep reading to know more.  

  • Winter, Karina, Ning Ning, and Giselle were featured as members of the K-Pop band Aespa in this order from October 26, 2020.
  • On November 17, SM released the video for the digital song “Black Mamba” with an impressive number of views on YouTube, reaching 32 million in just 24 hours.
  • Two days after the debut of the girl band, Aespa appeared on stage to make it clear that they are the next queens of Korean pop with a heart-stopping performance.

The 20-year-old singer Uchinaga Eri also known as Giselle is the only Japanese member of the band. In fact, she is the only female member from that country in SME.

Giselle before debuting with the band.

After only 11 months of training, the company founded by Lee Soo Man decided to debut this incredible artist.

As a prodigy learner, Giselle is the only member of Aespa who is fluent in English.

Besides being an excellent singer, she likes to rap and also play the guitar.

Posing with her avatar ae-Giselle.

That is a plus in live concerts.

Ever since she was officially revealed as a member of the band Aespa on October 30, fans have been saying that she looks a lot like Yuri from the iconic girl band Girl's Generation.

Giselle from Aespa and Yuri from Girls Generation.

However, Giselle is a fan of Blackpink and GOT7.

Her personality is strong and loyal.

The singer is fond of dogs and is very good at doing impressions of people.

We are sure that soon we will discover much more about this new idol, and we will fall even more in love with her.

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