Everything you need to know about Aespa's new music video

Everything you need to know about Aespa's new music video

SM Entertainment's new girl band is about to debut and the label is releasing teasers all the time. This time we bring you all the news about the first music video of the k-Pop band Aespa. Keep reading to find out everything.

  • SM Entertainment announced that on November 17 they will be launching a new girl band. 
  • The first since the Red Velvett in 2014.
  • However, this group is a totally new concept in the world of music. Aespa aims to combine virtual reality and tangible reality. 
Virtual members of Aespa

Each of the 4 members of the band, Karina, Ning Ning, Winter, and Giselle will have an avatar that will be in charge of moving through the virtual world.

This is a very high stake on SM's part. It could even mean a revolution in the K-Pop genre.

Regarding the premiere of the 4 girls, we had already announced that the debut single would be "Black Mamba".



Thanks to the new promotional videos we could know that the aesthetic of the music video of the song will be somewhat dark.

In fact, the introduction of the song promises a sound never before seen in the genre.

Karina, Gisselle, Ning Ning and Winter.

A few days ago the entertainment company SM released some messages from the Aespa girls through Spotify.

From what we could hear, the only member who speaks fluent English is Giselle, and she does it very well indeed.

Aespa seems to have come to change the music scene in all aspects.


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