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Everything we know about Exo's comeback in 2021

The worth is finally over! The K-Pop group finally released their comeback schedule! SM Entertainment announced that 2021 would be a year of solo projects for the members of the K-Pop group Exo. Kai, Chen, and Baekhyun had their respective places to shine on their own last year, but fans of the band were looking forward to a new return of the 9 members together.  Exo-ls are specially hopeful now that D.O. has returned from the military. Scroll down and find out everything we know about Exo's comeback.  

  • On November 27th, 2019, the Exo-ls were able to enjoy an expected return of Exo with the album and music video “Obsession”
  • However, most of the past year the members of the band found themselves working on their personal projects either outside or inside the music. 
  • Chen for example premiered his song “Hello” and then said goodbye to leave for military service. 
  • Their new album is called  “Don’t Fight the Feeling” and it will be released on June 7th.

What we knew about now


Chanyeol was quite absent from social media after the scandal he starred in following rumors about infidelity, but he returned in December on “The Law of the Jungle” to delight fans with his survival skills in a hostile environment. Kai released his mini-album which left the Exo-ls more in love with him if possible, with his first single "Mmmh".

The poster for their new album “Don’t Fight the Feeling.”

Baekhyun for his part is resoundingly triumphing with his solo career and like Kai he performed at the free end of the year concert that SM Entertainment gave called “Culture Humanity”, where the company brought together its most successful acts to bring joy to the millions of fans of the genre around the world. On the occasion of this year-end concert, Baekhyun did a live broadcast on December 31st where he revealed some details of Exo's return for 2021. Apparently, the singers of “Monster” will return renewed and with a new, more mature sound to surprise the Exo-ls and get a few million more fans.



Baekhyun holding a ticket for SM's Culture Humanity concert.

Supposedly the information that the singer of “Amusement Park” revealed shouldn't have come out of his mouth, that is why after announcing the return of the band he covered his mouth with his hand in a funny gesture of gaffe. We are more than happy to know that Exo will be back together, and we are sure that they will come with incredible vocals and visuals as usual.Exol-ls are happy since January 24th, because D.O. has returned from the military after 18 months of service as a chef. 

Chanyeol's update.

Kyungsoo even released a live video for his song "That's Ok" which he premiered on July 1st, 2019, before going to the military. So sweet! Chanyeol has made an appearance on social media too on January 25th, sharing a funny picture with his millions of fans who were expecting for a Loey comeback since November 2020.

“Don’t Fight The Feeling” album

Their new album is called  “Don’t Fight the Feeling” and it will be released on June 7th. It will commemorate the 9th debut anniversary from 2012!


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