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What qualities does Jisoo look for in an ideal partner?

Want to know if you fit Blackpink Jisoo's ideal type? The dating ban is a huge stamp on any K-pop contract. Idols are strictly forbidden from having boyfriends or girlfriends! The furthest any star can go is to state their ideal type. Check out the video below to discover what traits she likes in a person!

  • Kim Jisoo was born on 3rd January 1995 in Gunpo, South Korea. This makes her the eldest member of Blackpink.
  • She trained under YG entertainment for 5 years. The singer has a net worth of $9 million. 
  • Jisoo loves reading books and eating spicy food! 
  • Her husky vocals and excellent harmonies solidify her as the backbone of Blackpink’s discography.

In the initial years of her career, Jisoo had never made any concrete statements regarding her ideal type. This caused fans to wonder more about her taste as time went on. We saw endless speculations of whom the bubbly girl would like floated around. 

Blackpink's Jisoo picking out a flower


The first time she spoke up about it was in 2017. Jisoo described her ideal type as someone who has a warm-hearted personality. She is someone who loves being taken care of. After all, politeness is one of the key traits. However, Jisoo has never specified gender in her ideal type.

Jisoo backstage at a music show

Later on in 2018, Blackpink’s ‘Star Road’ series on Vlive, the eldest opened up more about her preferences. Her ideal boyfriend was revealed in Episode 07 of Star Road. This episode had Jisoo and Jennie as co-hosts. The duo cheekily teased each other with an orange toy hammer too!

Jisoo and Jennie for a magazine shoot

“I have a certain type that I like”, Jisoo said as her cheeks tinted crimson. Furthermore, she stated two specific qualities that are a must-have. “I have two types that I like. First, someone who really likes me. Jisoo’s biggest fan.” Looks like someone clearly leans towards being praised.  

'Star Road' Episode 7 - Jisoo and Jennie

“The other is someone who has a pretty smile. I like people who are pretty when they smile.” When Jisoo was finished with her description, Jennie stepped in with a playful remark of her questioning “Me?”.

Kim Jisoo for Dior

Well Jennie, since you fit the criteria, you might as well shoot your shot! 

Do you think you are Jisoo’s perfect match? Let us know in the comments below.

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