ELF and Super Junior support Eunhyuk in his grief ELF and Super Junior support Eunhyuk in his grief

Eunhyuk's father passed away, Super Junior will postpone their schedule until further notice

ELF and Super Junior are giving their full support to Eunhyuk who has lost his father who sadly passed away

Super Junior will be postponing some of their concerts as members and fans will mourn Eunhyuk as his father has passed away.

Super Junior is a legendary K-Pop group that has been in the industry for quite some time. Despite everything, they have remained active for ELF, their faithful fandom that has accompanied them for more than 10 years in this musical adventure. Over time we have seen this group and its members grow.

Among the members of SuJu we find Eunhyuk, a great artist who has performed as a singer and dancer in the group, has also composed some songs and has worked as an MC and actor. The career of this idol is amazing and he has always inspired his fans, motivates them with his music and his work.

We know that Super Junior has brought ELF a lot of moments of joy throughout its history, but we also know that sad events or moments can happen in life that hit us and demotivate us. This time, we have sad news about the group that has broken the hearts of their fans.

Eunhyuk is going through a difficult time since his father has passed away, Super Junior decided to postpone their concerts as they know that they would not be able to carry them out after this.

Super Junior's Eunhyuk's father has passed away, the group postponed their activities to support him in mourning

Super Junior's agency Label SJ released a statement detailing that Eunhyuk's father had sadly passed away. The company communicated with its fans to ask them to support the idol but also to respect her in her mourning since her father's funeral will be held privately and only with family close to the artist.

Enhyuk's father sadly passed away | Twitter: @Najwarzk_SJ4E

This is why Super Junior decided to postpone their activities, to respect Eunhyuk's mourning and also support him at this time.

Super Junior appeared before ELF in Manila to announce that they would be back soon to give their show

In fact, Super Junior was already in the Philippines almost ready for their show when it was decided that it would be postponed, ELF was at the venue and the group's idols came out to apologize, explain the situation and promise that they would return with both Siwon and Eunhyuk to give their concert as planned. The fans understood this and were happy to at least see the idols for a moment.

Super Junior in Manila | Twitter: @tickyteuk

We know that this will be a difficult time for Eunhyuk, Super Junior and ELF, we hope that the idol takes the time he needs to feel better. We are sure that her father will continue to care for and guide him and that he left extremely proud of his son who has worked so hard and has given great happiness to his fans. 

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