Suho's Hurdle MV secrets Suho's Hurdle MV secrets

EXO's Suho reveals every secret of Hurdle that we didn't see on its MV

Suho from EXO had his solo comeback with Grey Suit and Hurdle, now he's revealing the secrets behind this song and musical video

EXO's leader Suho worked hard on his solo comeback and EXO-L enjoyed a lot of 'Hurdle' and its MV but there are a lot of things we couldn't catch on the MV and he's now showing it all for his fans.

EXO is a group full of talented guys who work hard to give the best for EXO-L, the loyal fandom of the group which has been there for 10 years now and they still have a bright future together. Suho is the leade of this boy band and he's been doing a great job with his members and fanbase.

Kim Junmyeon worked hard on EXO's music and he also was a great leader for the idol group, then he had to go temporarily since he had to fullfill his obligations as a korean citizen and he was on military service. Finally he was discharged in 2022, and he had some surprises for his fans.

Junmyeon had already debut as a solo artist in the past and that's why he was getting ready for his solo comeback with 'Grey Suit', this second mini album of the EXO idol had a total of 4 songs and he released 2 MVs, one for the title track which has the same name as the album and another one for 'Hurdle'.

Did you watch the MV of 'Hurdle', it has a lot of secret which you might missed and that's why Suho reveals more about it, all of its secrets are right here.

Suho reveals the secrets of Hurdle MV in its behind the scenes

The MV of Suho's 'Hurdle' has now its behind the scenes revealed, the video was full of colors, the idol was having a lot of  fun playing his little guitar on the set, he also had to follow all of the staff's instructions to get everything cool. He revealed every secret of the scenes of this musical video, like thata ine when it seems like Suho is tripping lol.

 It seems like Suho was having a lot of fun while filming 'Hurdle', did you like this MV and the song? This EXO idol did a great job with this amazing track and its musical video too.

Suho captured a great vibe in the song and MV of Hurdle

EXO-L loved 'Hurdle' so much, it has a great vibe which Suho captured in the song and the MV. This track sounds pretty disco and funky, it has a catchy beat which matchs well with the idol's voice. The musical video is so fun to watch, we can't stop watching it right now, LOL. This K-Pop artist made a great song for his fans.

'Grey Suit' from Suho is just so amazing, we cant's stop listening to every song and mood which it has, let's keep streaming, EXO-L!

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