Suho talking about 'Grey Suit' Suho talking about 'Grey Suit'

EXO's Suho is sharing his experience for the 'Grey Suit' release

EXO's Suho has revealed the behind of scenes in the creation process of his second solo album 'Grey Suit'

Suho, the leader of the iconic K-Pop band EXO, is back with his second solo mini album "Grey Suit". Under the same name, the main single was dropped on April 4th.

The almost 10 years experienced Idol, is now sharing with his fans the process behind the new music creation. What is the meaning behind the song? What's the inspiration for the album? Suho is telling us everything.

Suho's message inside 'Grey Suit'

To explain the making process, the EXO Youtube channel has revealed Suit Off : Unbuttoning the Grey Suit. We can enjoy a warm talk full of Suho' thoughts. Here, the artist explores the concepts and themes inside his second mini album "Grey Suit".

The main topic "time" is at the core of the album. In order to tell his own story, the Idol participated in the lyrics writing. The title was inspired by the novel "Momo" by Michael Ende.

The artist shared his reflection about "lost time", cuase:

I haven't been able to meet my fans for about 2 years.

In conclusion, he was wearing a gray suit.

Some tracks in the album are dedicated to EXO-L. In "Morning Star" his telling the fans "It's time to see you again".

At the end of the emotional conversation, he shows his honest gratitude to his fans because of the love for him and even his imperfections. When he was having a hard time, fans' affection comforted him.

EXO' Suho / By @DoKyungLoey

Finally he sends a message to the people that are depressed or sad: "accept it as a foundation for growth". One day, just like Suho, you wolud be "colorful" again.

Have you check "Grey Suit" music video? Do you like it?

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