Suho from EXO Suho from EXO

EXO's Suho got a warm welcome in Los Angeles by EXO-L

Suho, the leader of EXO, is just beginning his trip in the United States. The fans were waiting for him at the airport. This is what happend. 

Not long ago EXO's Suho dropped his album "Gray Suit". With this project the leader of the group showed his most emotional side with the title single. On the other hand we saw him dancing to funky vibes on the music video of "Hurdle".

His new music made the fans really happy, it was his first solo project after being discharged from the Korean military service.


Nowadays the schedule of the Idols seems to be full again. He just arrived in America and EXO-L was ready to welcome him.

EXO-L is happy to welcome Suho in Los Angeles.

EXO's Suho will be participating in the Korea Program Anniversary Conference of the prestigious Stanford University on May 19 and 20. He arrived in Los Angeles on May 12 and he was received by the fans.

Suho in Los Angeles / By @StReEtWLkRpNoY

Various fans wait for hours to greet the singer. According to the pictures of EXO-L, the people who were waiting for Suho were really respectful. They were respecting the personal space of the Idol.

Meanwhile, Suho was a little bit shy but he was waving back at the fans with a lovely smile. The lucky fanatics are taking social media to share how kind the Idol was. A twitter user posted the next photos with the comment:


Suho at the airport / @ELYXIONVERSE

Such a lucky fan! What would you say to Suho to welcome him?

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