Sehun is recovering from a surgery Sehun is recovering from a surgery

EXO's Sehun is recovering from his surgery and EXO-L give him its support

Sehun had to undergo surgery recently, the EXO member is recovering and EXO-L send him their best wishes in this difficult time

EXO-Ls are worried about the health condition of Sehun, who had to undergo surgery very recently. He is recovering, which is why EXO fans send him the best vibes for his recovery.

EXO is a group that this year will be celebrating their 10th anniversary. Their history dates back to 2012, when the group debuted as two sub-units and showed the world the talent of Korean and Chinese members in their first release. Although the history of this group has been changing over time, the fans have stayed by their side.

EXO members have achieved great popularity thanks to EXO-L's support. One of them is Oh Sehun, who has worked as a rapper and dancer in this K-Pop group and whom many fans adore and admire him without limits. EXO-L always show its support for all of the members.

This is why at all times, EXO fans worry about Sehun and he tries to keep in touch with EXO-L through various ways, through Twitter or special platforms like Bubble, where fans can be more in touch. with the members of this K-Pop group.

And it was precisely in Bubble that Sehun revealed something that worried EXO-L, the idol had to undergo surgery and is in recovery, how does the EXO member feel right now?

EXO's Sehun had surgery and is recovering, this is how he revealed it to EXO-L

Through Bubble, EXO's Sehun sent a message to one of his fans, telling them that he had a surgery, for something that was not right for a while. This is why he always recommends his followers to eat well and take care of themselves to stay healthy.

Sehun on Bubble about his surgery | Twitter: @oshyunie

So this is why Sehun may not be very active for the next few days, as he will be recovering to feel better after his surgery.

EXO-Ls are sending the best messages for Sehun and Kai

While Sehun is recovering from his surgery, Kai is in quarantine due to being diagnosed with COVID-19, which is why EXO-L is sending the best messages for both idols to recover soon. With cute tweets and fanarts, they show the love they have for both idols.

EXO-L showing its support for Sehun and Kai | Twitter: @meokmoool

Surely both EXO members will recover successfully and be well for all their fans soon. So we just have to wait for them to feel better and keep sending them the best messages during their recovery.

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