Kai tested positive for COVID-19 Kai tested positive for COVID-19

EXO's Kai tests positive for COVID-19 and fans show him their support

EXO-L is worried about Kai as the EXO member fell ill and this is how they send him their best wishes while he starts quarantine

Kai from EXO is diagnosed with COVID-19, he will begin his recovery, while his fans hope that he will feel better soon and prove it with the sweetest messages for him.

Like many other idols and despite the pandemic, Kai kept working with the best sanitary measures and taking care of himself from the disease. The EXO idol released a new solo album, with Peaches he conquered the world once again and had various face-to-face events with his fans.

Also, EXO-L is getting more and more hopeful for a full EXO comeback as it's been months since 'Don't Fight The Feeling' and now that the group's leader is done with his military service, it's very likely that there will be big surprises for the fans. So it seemed that the activities of the boy band did not stop.

But everyone has to keep taking care of themselves, and we have seen that many idols have fallen ill with COVID-19. Something that is stopping the industry and worrying fans a lot. Agencies also need to do better to prevent contagion, but it can be difficult.

EXO-L is worrying about Kim Jongin as this EXO member was diagnosed with COVID-19 and has already started his quarantine to start recovering.

Kai is diagnosed with COVID-19, this is his heatlh condition right now

Through a statement, SM Entertainment spoke about EXO's Kai and his health condition, according to the agency, the idol was diagnosed with COVID-19 and quickly began quarantine for his recovery period. No details were given about his symptoms, only the company said that it cares about the well-being of its artists and that they will do their best to see that Jongin recovers soon.

Kai from EXO starts his recovery | Twitter: @theseoulstory

SM Entertainment also stated that Kai had already completed his two doses of the vaccine, but he still fell ill and must now take care of himself to recover soon.

EXO-L is sending all their love to Kai to make him feel better

Through Twitter, the EXO fandom is trending #GetWellSoonKAI, with the purpose of sending the best messages and wishes to the idol during his recovery. Surely Jongin will feel better soon, thanks to EXO-L.

EXO-L is sending the best wishes for Kai | Twitter: @JzzCYgsm

We hope that Kai recovers very soon and can share time with his fans again after his quarantine, surely the idol will feel better in a few days.

Get to know everything about EXO and its members, like Suho who will have a solo combeack pretty soon, we tell you every detail. 

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