Kai has a great fashion sense and his airport outfit shows it Kai has a great fashion sense and his airport outfit shows it

EXO's Kai is a model at the airport, this was his outfit as he took his flight to Germany

Kai turned Incheon airport into his runway as he took his flight to Germany, what did the EXO idol look like?

Kim Jongin is not only a talented EXO artist, he is also quite an attractive man and has an amazing style as he passed through the airport on his way to Germany.

There are a lot of things we can admire in each and every member of EXO, they all have amazing talents as singers, rappers, and dancers. Both as a group and as soloists, the idols of this boy band have shown off their incredible musical abilities.

We can't forget to mention that EXO members also have super beautiful personalities, they are kind, caring, funny, friendly and more that really makes them unique. One of these idols is Kai, who has not only impressed fans with his talent and charisma.

Jongin has also managed to completely captivate EXO-L with his visuals, he is a very attractive man who also has a great style and fashion sense that further enhances each of his physical characteristics. And in photoshoots and such, Kai has become quite the fashion icon.

This time, Kai is on his way to Germany and he looked simply amazing in his outfit, we love seeing him turn the airport into his own catwalk, how did this EXO member look like?

EXO's Kai is a fashion icon at the airport, this is how he started his trip to Germany

Thousands of fans and K-Media were present at the Incheon airport as EXO's Kai took his flight to Germany. EXO-L said goodbye to the idol and the media showed us the best photos of the idol with his great outfit. He looks like a fashion icon, we adore the set of clothes that this amazing artist was wearing today.

Kai at the airport today | Twitter: @DoKyungLoey

This is how Kai looked today on his way to Germany, he looked quite handsome, don't you think? EXO-L was really speechless at Jongin's glorious look.

Why is EXO's Kai traveling to Germany?

EXO's Kai as well as other groups and soloists will be in Germany for the KPOP.FLEX festival, this event will be held on May 14 and 15 at Frankfurt's Deutsche Bank Park Stadium. In addition to Kai, MONSTA X, NCT Dream, ENHYPEN, IVE, MAMAMOO, ONEUS, and more will also perform in front of an audience of approximately 80k people.

Kai and mora on KPOP.FLEX festival | Twitter: @PRODBYENGENE

So Kai will have a great performance in Germany where his fans will be able to see him and sing his songs after a long wait for live concerts. As well as many other amazing bands that will also perform.

Keep reading more about EXO and its members, like Suho who traveled to Los Angeles, what will he do in America? 

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