D.O is in quarantine due to COVID-19 D.O is in quarantine due to COVID-19

EXO's D.O is diagnosed with COVID-19 and EXO-L whises him a speedy recovery

EXO-Ls are worried about D.O's health since SM Entertainment stated that he tested positive for COVID-19

Sadly, EXO's Kyungsoo is sick right now since he was diagnosed with COVID-19, his fans are wishing him the best while he starts with his recovery.

Despite the pandemic, many K-Pop artists kept working and giving their best for their fans who always show them support and love at all times. With the necessary sanitary measures, everyone continued to show up and was even able to meet fans at fansings and fanmeetings.

Like the members of EXO, all of them have been giving their best for EXO-L. D.O had been in his military service and as soon as he finished it he had his solo comeback that excited many fans and gave them new songs to fully enjoy the return of this magnificent idol.

After that, EXO kept working and Kyungsoo even joined the cast of a new Korean movie. There is no doubt that he had a very tight schedule and that he continued to strive for his followers. Just a few days ago, the idol group celebrated their 10th anniversary with a beautiful fanmeeting.

But now EXO-L is worried about D.O, as SM Entertainment revealed that the idol tested positive for COVID-19, the fandom just wants the EXO idol to recover well.

EXO's D.O tests positive for COVID-19, how did the idol start his recovery?

SM Entertainment stated that EXO's D.O tested positive for COVID-19, he was vaccinated with two doses, and didn't have symptoms at all but as soon as he was diagnosed with the sickness, he started quarantine at home to recover and the agency said they'll look for their artists' health.

EXO's D.O. is in quarantine right now | Twitter: @EXO__Sphere

So we hope that D.O gets better soon, it's such a shame that this sickness keeps worrying fans, but we all should take care of ourselves.

EXO-Ls shows their support for D.O and wants him to have a speedy recovery

EXO-L is trending the hashtag #GetWellSoonKyungsoo on Twitter in order to wish D.O a speedy recovery and show all of their support since they really want him to feel better and come back healthy.

EXO-L is worried about D.O | Twitter: @prosecudoh

We know that D.O is going to be healthy soon, he's taking a rest and waiting for the sickness to leave his body on quarantine.

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