Chen released a new amazing video Chen released a new amazing video

EXO's Chen surprises his fans by singing Hold You Tight in new video

Chen is totally back and conquered EXO-L again with his impressive vocals on 'Hold You Tight'

After finishing his military service, Chen returned with a renewed energy, the EXO idol is ready to give his best to his fans and this new video for 'hodl You Tight' proves it.

EXO has some extremely talented members among their ranks. This idol group has managed to conquer millions of fans around the world, who show their love and support for the band at all times. There is so much we can admire about both the group and their amazing fandom.

One of EXO's members is Chen, who has made some brave decisions during his time as an idol. Basically he is one of the few idols who publicly agreed to have a relationship, he got married and in fact is expecting his second child. The news has been shocking for fans and although there are those who stopped supporting him, there are also loyal fans who are still by his side.

For some time, Chen had to take a leave of absence due to his mandatory military service as a South Korean citizen. From the army he sometimes gave some updates, photos and others that excited EXO-L and kept him on the lookout for his big comeback. The wait is over as Jongdae finally concluded this obligation.

Kim Jongdae is back and he proved it with an amazing video that shows us the great power of his vocals, what's the best thing about 'Hod You Tight'?

EXO's Chen releases new video showing his great vocal power with Hold You Tight

Through his official YouTube channel, EXO's Chen released a new video, in which he is singing the song 'Hold You Tight' in his studio. This is an original track by the singer contained in his 2nd mini album 'Dear My Dear' released in 2019. So he demonstrated his great vocal power with this new version of his own song.

So Chen is truly back and ready to give his best to all his fans, it will be just great to see him release something new, although with this video he won EXO-L back.

What projects does Chen and EXO have in the future?

 Now that Chen is done with his military service, surely he and EXO are already planning new projects for this year. Although it is not yet known for sure if they actually work on something. But as happened with Suho, maybe soon Jongdae will also have a solo comeback and then a full EXO comeback.

Do EXO and Chen have new projects? | Twitter: @yulliaprstyni

EXO-L is really happy about Chen's return and fans are also ready to have something new from the idol group and this artist, so we will be looking forward to the newest from EXO.

Keep reading more about EXO and its members, here we have some K-Dramas of Kai, he has acted in a lot of this kind of series. 

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