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EXO's Chen military service is almost over, his fans are celebrating

Chen from EXO is finally finishing his mandatory military service. His fans are taking social media to celebrate that he is coming back.

SM Entertainment has offered some of the most iconinc K-Pop groups of the industry. This is the case with EXO, unfortunately the music of this group is on hiatus because of the mandatory Korean military service.

At the moment three members of EXO are enlisted in the military. We have good news! The waiting is over! Finally EXO-L is celebrating Chen is coming back. We're telling you everything

Chen from EXO / By @Lorenac42970127

EXO's Chen is coming back from the military service

On April 25 (KST) the main vocalist of the iconic K-Pop group EXO will be discharged from the military service. Chen enlisted on October 26, 2020.

Chen and EXO members on his enlistment day / By @bugaboo_s

Chen is the fourth member of the band to complete their mandatory service. Xiumin, Suho and D.O. have finished their service as well. 

Meanwhile, Baekhyun is continuing his military service until September. The rapper of EXO Chanyeol will be discharged in February 2023.

The fans are really excited to see Chen back in the scenarios. Just a few months before his enlistment the singer had a hard time due the announcement of his marriage. This is a complicated change in the life of a Korean Idol. Since then he became father of two children. Congratulations to Chen!

EXO-L took social media to celebrate. The hashtag #WelcomeBackCHEN is on Twitter trends. Are you happy for Chen? We can't wait to listen to his beautiful voice again.

While we are waiting, read why Chen is the king of the K-Drama OSTs.

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