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EXO's Chen is the King of K-Dramas OSTs and this is the reason why

The member of EXO Chen has a beautiful song that fits pretty well with K-Dramas. This is why he is the king of OTS.

When we think of EXO almost immediately the powerful and charismatic performances appear in our minds. On the other hand, the group is really famous because of it flawless vocal line. Baekhuyn, D.O. and Chen are well know for their beautiful and perfect voices.

All of them have worked in solo projects, however commonly they take a big role on some K-Dramas. They worked recording the Original Soundtracks (OST) of various shows. Some of the most popular drama songs were made by Chen, his sweet and powerful voice sounds perfect for those romantic stories that we love.

EXO's Chen / By @chen99E__

If you have any doubt about why Chen is the King of OSTs, we have a little bit of his career in K-Dramas. Be careful, after listening to these songs you can fall for him. Are you ready?

Chen conquered the fanatic K-Drama world with his voice

Chen made his debut as a member of EXO 2012 main vocalist of the sub-unit EXO-M. Even when he was a rookie the public noticed how talented he is. His unbelievable interpretations gained him the opportunity to record songs for important K-Dramas.

The beginning was "Best Luck" the original song for "It's Okay, That's Love" the show where his teammate D.O. was acting. It was at the top of Korean charts and won Best Original Soundtrack by Male singer for the Seoul International Youth Film Festival.

Chen building his own Crown

'Descendents of the Sun' poster / By @CindyCrdovaLegu

In 2016 Descendants of the Sun was a huge global success. For the show the production team asked for Chen to record the OST. The result was the iconic song "Everytime". The collaboration with Punch gave us a lovely track that all the fanatics of K-Dramas know. It debuted as No.1 on Gaon Digital Chart.

The same year, Chen and EXO' members Baekhyun and Xiumin recorded together the song "For You" for the OST of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, another legendary K-Drama.

Apparently the singer loves to participate in projects where some of his colleagues work as well. He made the OST for "Missing 9" where Chanyeol work as an actor. In 2018 "Cherry Blossom Love Song" was released for the drama 100 Days My Prince with D.O. as the male lead.

'Cherry Blossom Love Song' cover / By @EXOL_INTENSE

One of his latest K-Drama OSTs was "Make it Count" for "Touch Your heart". drama with Lee Dong Wook as protagonist. We can't wait to listen to Chen's voice while we enjoy a good story again after the end of his Military service.

Which one is your favorite? Everytime is clasic!

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