Chen made this OST for Doctor Lawyer Chen made this OST for Doctor Lawyer

EXO's Chen delights us with his voice in An Unfamiliar Day, his OST for Doctor Lawyer

Chen is back and once again charms the world with his talents, the EXO idol released 'An Unfamiliar Day' as part of 'Doctor Lawyer' soundtrack

EXO-L happily received 'An Unfamiliar Day', Chen's new song that he made especially for the K-Drama 'Doctor Lawyer' OST, how does this EXO member's new track sound?

EXO is a great K-Pop group that has extremely talented idols dedicated to music, their work is reflected in every song and performance that we have enjoyed. One of his intriguers is Kim Jongdae, better known by his stage name Chen who has been with the idol group since his debut.

Chen has given his best for EXO-L, the faithful fandom that has been dedicated to showing all their love and support to EXO during these 10 years in which the group has been active. For a while we stopped seeing Jongdae because he was doing his mandatory military service.

EXO-L waited patiently for Chen's return and this year he was finally able to end his responsibilities and once again show off his talents for his fans. He first made a surprise appearance at BoA's concert after finishing his military service and it was announced that he would soon have a special OST.

And finally Chen's OST is here, he specially lent his voice for a K-Drama song 'Doctor Lawyer', how does the EXO idol's new song sound?

EXO's Chen shines on Doctor Lawyer singing his An Unfamiliar Day OST

Chen premiered his new song, 'An Unfamiliar Day', his OST for the drama 'Doctor Lawyer'. It is a melancholy song that can convey sadness through the soothing and calm voice of the EXO idol. It is a beautiful ballad that we can enjoy in their official MV released by the K-Drama.

We love this beautiful song, Chen's voice sounds amazing on this track and it really gives a perfect musicalization to this interesting K-Drama that is still on the air.

Chen sent a message to EXO-L after the release of An Unfamiliar Day

In addition to the launch of An Unfamiliar Day, Chen also had an interview, and the EXO idol took the opportunity to send EXO-L a message. After all, he also misses his fandom a lot during his temporary hiatus to fulfill his mandatory military service.

Chen's message for EXO-L | Twitter: @daeryjn

We won't stop listening to 'An Unfamiliar Day', it's definitely a great song that marks Chen's full return to music.

Keep reading more about EXO and its members, here we tell you everything about Chanyeol who showe his support for D.O while he's filming his new drama.

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