Chanyeol from EXO Chanyeol from EXO

EXO's Chanyeol is coming back! EXO-L starts the D-100 countdown for is his military discharge

Chanyeol, EXO's rapper will be here pretty soon. The fandom is already excited about it. When will he be discharged from the mandatory service?

No matter if the group is on hiatus, EXO is still one of the most important Korean music acts. Right now the members are working on solo projects. Music, films and Tv shows, they can do everything.

On the other hand, various members are doing their best in the military service. As you may know in Korea men have to serve for various months in the military. It is a cruel time for fans all over the world. Waiting for your favorite Idol feels like an eternal process.

EXO's Chanyeol in the mandatory service / Twitter @EXOSTARS_L

What can we do? The world works like this. At least, when a singer comes back to the scenario he brings a lot of happiness with him to his fans. Chanyeol is almost here! EXO-L is already celebrating. 

EXO-L is counting down the days for Chanyeol's military discharge

EXO-L is getting ready to welcome back Chanyeol to the citizen status. From June 20th, we just have to wait 100 days more to see the tall Idol again. The fandom is taking Twitter to celebrate with the hashtags #100DaysToMeetChanyeol and #엑소찬열.

EXO-L's post on Twitter / Twitter @EXOSTARS_L

Fans all over the world are recalling the best moments of Chanyeol's career. He has conquered too many hearts with his music, singing, and rapping his skills are awesome. On the other hand, his facet as an actor is on point as well.

Chanyeol's name is on Twitter trends / Twitter @PCY_Argentina

No matter what was the reason for loving the Idol, we all will be very happy to welcome him. Also, there he could be dropping his solo album debut after leaving the mandatory service. We can't wait for it.

Chanyeol got enlisted on March 29, 2021. After 18 months, finally, he will be back on September 28. We just have to wait a little bit more. Join the celebration and let us know what is your favorite song or drama by Chanyeol.

Do you want to know more about Chanyeol's solo project? Here's all the information.

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