Chanyeol's and Skrillex collaborated sometime ago Chanyeol's and Skrillex collaborated sometime ago

EXO's Chanyeol and Skrillex collaborated on a song we may never hear

It seems like Skrillex worked together with EXO's Chanyeol on a song years ago, will we ever get a chance to listen to it?

Chanyeol had a secret collab with Skrillex and now EXO-L wants to hear that song that would surely have great power, why hasn't SM Entertainment released it?

EXO is a K-Pop group with super talented members. Among these idols, a perfect formula and balance has been found to enchant all the fans who quickly came together to support and love this boy band without limits at all times. The world recognizes the greatness of this group.

And it is that in this 2022 the tenth anniversary of EXO is celebrated, a decade has already passed since the debut of this SM Entertainment idol group. There have been ups and downs, as in every story, but EXO always stays strong and presents the best only for his loyal fans. EXO-L is just an amazing fandom.

Although there may be many episodes of EXO's history that we still do not fully know and over time they are revealed as memories and secrets that were not revealed to fans in their time. Surprising data even for those fans who have been with the boy band for a long time.

Like this one, where we just found out that Chanyeol collaborated with Skrillex on a song, but it has never been released, how did that happen?

EXO Chanyeol's secret song he made in collaboration with Skrilles and was never released

In 2015 a photo of Chanyeol with Skrillex surfaced, so perhaps EXO-L got excited at the hint of a collaboration between the EXO idol and the DJ. But just nothing happened. Maybe it was just a photo of celebs who accidentally met in the same studio and nothing more.

Skrillex and Chanyeol | Twitter: @Exo_Argentina

Well, many years have passed and it turns out that Skrillex and Chanyeol did collaborate. Songwriter Jantine Heij confessed that she was in the studio with idols EXO and Skrillex and the idea for a collaborative rap song was born. She co-wrote a bit with Chanyeol but the song never came out.

 What would Chanyeol and Skrillex's song be like?

The collaboration song between Chanyeol and Skrillex may never be released, but maybe we could base it on a collaboration that was released by the idol of EXO together with another DJ as amazing as the aforementioned. Chanyeol worked with Marshmello and other artists on the song 'Freal Luv'.

We hope that sometime SM Entertainment decides to release Chanyeol and Skrillex's song, it would surely be fantastic and a delight for fans of both artists.

Keep reading more about EXO and its members, as we are almost on April, you better get to know every plan that the boy band has for this month. 

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