EXO's next fan meeting is sold out EXO's next fan meeting is sold out

EXO shows its legendary power by selling out its next fan meeting

EXO-L can't wait to see EXO one more time and very soon they will have their sold out fan meeting '1EXO'

It's almost time to celebrate EXO's 10th anniversary and they will have a big party next to EXO-L, with this next fan meeting that is a success.

EXO is a great K-Pop group that debuted in 2012 and despite the years, changes, evolutions, and so on, their EXO-L fandom has remained solid through time. Many fans have been by the boy band's side throughout their career and expect much more from their idols in the future.

The members of EXO are multi-faceted and have shown it with their various releases as a group and also as soloists. Besides that some of them have impacted their fans with their work as models or as actors, letting us know that they are multi-talented artists.

This is why EXO does not stop attracting the attention of fans and why the group has such a large and upright fan base. EXO-L never fails to show his unconditional love and support for the idol group that has quickly become a legend.

This year marks EXO's tenth anniversary and the group and its fandom will celebrate it big with a fan meeting that has already sold out all its tickets.

EXO-L sold out EXO Fan Event to celebrate the group's 10th anniversary

EXO is proving that they never lost their popularity in Korea, as their next fan meeting is a resounding success, their tickets sold out quickly for the fan event that the group has prepared to celebrate their 10th anniversary. 1EXO will be packed with EXO-Ls going to party with their favorite K-Pop group.

1EXO's poster | Twitter: @xunhuas

This fan meeting will take place on April 9, EXO will have a month full of activities for their fans and EXO-L can't wait any longer.

 EXO-Ls from all over the world will also enjoy the EXO fan meeting

EXO's fan event will not only be face-to-face, the event will also be broadcast online through VLive's Beyond Live, so EXO-Ls from all over the world will be able to celebrate the K-Pop group's 10th anniversary on April 9, how exiting!

1EXO will be streamed online | Twitter: @Firelight8abril

Do you have everything ready to celebrate with EXO? No matter where you're from, you'll be able to party with idols for another year since their big debut.

Keep reading more about EXO and its members, like Sehun who is recovering from a lession and he told EXO-L to take care of themselves. 

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