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EXO members acting career, this is what they have to offer

EXO is one of the most famous K-Pop groups. All of them have another big talent, they are actors.

EXO is already an iconic boy group. They have being dopping one hit just after another. "Wolf", "Monster" or "Ko Ko Bop" no one can tell which song is their best.

The group under SM Entertainment is the inspiration for too many young artists who are at the start of their careers. There could be too many reasons for this: the professionalism of the members, the massive talent to dance and sing or the stage presence. Whatever it is, they deserve the recognition.

But today we are not going to talk about EXO's music career, (we could do it for hours and hours). Let's explore a little bit on the other big talent of the group: acting.

Since their debut the members have been participating in film projects. Dramas, series and movies, they can do everything. Some of them even worked as actors outside of Korea. Did you know it? Read all the details here.

EXO have their own K-Drama

EXO for 'EXO Next Door' / By @vkm_sunshine

In 2015 the popularity of EXO was massive. Their agency knew it would be a waste of time (and money), if the members didn't have their own K-Drama. EXO Next Door was a miniserie where we could meet for the first time the acting skills of the band. Chanyeol was the male lead and Moon GaYoung the romantic interest. Such a combo!

D.O. Baekhyun, Sehun, Suho and Xiumin were casted as well. It is a short but funny story. Have you watched it?

D.O. has conquered the acting world

By @AinWijaya

Maybe the most famous member of EXO as an actor is D.O. Sometimes we can see him using his real name Do Kyungsoo, but we don't care, we can't forget he is from EXO.

His acting skill gave him the opportunity to take multiple projects. "Hyung" "Pure Love" and "100 Days My Prince" are just a few. We recommend "It's Okay, That's Love", a K-Drama with the emotional health as main topic.

Chanyeol love to work in movies

'So, I married an Anti Fan' Promotional / By @andrejac21

The taller member of the group also have too much to offer. He said in his free time he likes to compose music but we're realizing he also has time for acting.

Chanyeol has worked hand to hand with some of the most talented actors in Korea. Park Shinhye, Hyun Bin and more. In 2016 we saw him in the male lead for the hilarious Chinese movie "So I Married An Anti-fan".

Kai robbing hearts in all the languages
'Choco Bank' poster / By @andrejac21

Kai is mostly famous because of his amazing stage presence and his sexy dance. A long time ago the dancer took the risk of trying acting. "Choco bank" and "Andante" were his firsts projects. Eventually the world got to know his big potential. In 2018 the Japanese Drama "Spring Has Come" we watched him in the main role. Which one is your favorite?

Sehun and Suho are professional actors as well. Both of them have film projects. At the beginning of the year Sehun participated in the movie Pirates.

Sehun for 'Pirates' / By @L0EYSDIMPLE

Who is your favorite Actor among all the members? We cannot decide

Look for the latest Suho solo album, it's really emotive.

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