EXO has a lot of surprises for EXO-L during April 2022 EXO has a lot of surprises for EXO-L during April 2022

EXO has a lot of plans for EXO-L during April, get ready for next month

EXO is more alive than ever and has a lot of surprises prepared for its fans, what will happen during April 2022 with the group?

April will be a month full of celebration for EXO-L as EXO has a lot of activities lined up for the next month and fans can't wait any longer.

EXO is a K-Pop group that has become a legend over time, this idol group debuted in 2012 and gained great popularity and fame. First in Korea and later around the world, this boy band idols took on the senses of millions of fans who have been aside the group for nearly ten years.

EXO's history has many important moments, both for their lineup as well as in the South Korean music industry. And although their work may not be as active as it used to be, as some of its members are doing their military service, the group won't forget about its fans and has given them much more of their artists for EXO-L to enjoy.

The last comeback from EXO was in June 2021 and since then fans have been waiting impatiently for something new from the idol group. We have seen D.O as a soloist and actor, Sehun also appeared in a big movie and recently Suho, the leader of the group, returned from military service and the fandom received him with great joy.

And it seems that the wait will be worth it, since EXO has a lot of activities planned for April 2022, in just a few more weeks, EXO-L will have great surprises that the boy band has prepared for the world.

EXO schedule for April 2022, all the activities the group has planned for its fans

April will be the month of EXO and EXO-L as there will be many surprises for fans that the group has been preparing. Here we leave you all the activities and events that will happen during April 2022, they are on the idol group's agenda and you should keep them in mind in your monthly calendar.

EXO has a lot of activities planned for EXO-L during April 2022 | Twitter; @BBW1485

Are you ready for next month? EXO-L is also waiting for all of these activities and it will be EXO and the fandom's moth since it'll be full of happiness and amazing moments for both.

Will EXO have comeback soon?

It seems that EXO's comeback could be closer than we all think, the excitement of the fandom of this K-Pop group leads us to see that it is totally ready to receive a new release from the boy band. Also, K-Media has revealed that a full comeback for the idol group is expected this year, so excited!

EXO would have a comeback during this year | Twitter: @EVSS1485

EXO-L is hoping for this comeback, andthe excitement won't stop for some new release from the full group, but in the meantime, next month there will be big surprises for EXO's fandom.

Keep listening to EXO, we have some songs from the idol group that should be on your playlist, they will make your day brighter.

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