Suho from EXO will have his solo comeback with Grey Suit Suho from EXO will have his solo comeback with Grey Suit

EXO Suho's solo comeback is confirmed, here's what we know about Gray Suit

EXO leader, Suho, is ready to delight EXO-L with a new release, get to know everything about 'Grey Suit', his upcoming solo comeback

Now that EXO's Suho has been discharged from his military service, the group leader is ready to return to the stage and will have his comeback very soon with 'Grey Suit'.

Kim Junmyeon is the leader from EXO, aka Suho, this idol has a great talent, passion and dedication for music. It is something that he has shown since the debut of the idol group in 2012. His duties as an artist and head of his band have always been carried out excellently. And even his obligations as a South Korean citizen, since he just finished his military service.

Suho has not only shone with his talents together with his group, but he has also done so as a solo artist. In 2020 he released his first solo production, the EP 'Self-Portrait' which showed a new side of this amazing K-Pop singer. Junmyeon's ranges in his song 'Let's Love' were what stood out the most in said composition.

Although it was after his solo debut that Suho had to enlist in the military and do his military service. EXO-L waited patiently for the leader, who would sometimes send some updates from the army and make his fans happy. Finally, Junmyeon is back and he has a lot of surprises for his fans.

A few days after his discharge, Suho released a mysterious teaser through EXO's social media, fans were already totally excited, and now it's fully confirmed. The idol will have a solo comeback with 'Grey Suit'.

Get to know everything about Grey Suit, EXO Suho's solo comeback

Through EXO's official social networks, Suho's solo comeback has been officially announced, the idol's next production will be called 'Grey Suit'. In his first concept, flowers and yellow predominate and the singer has a new logo for this upcoming comeback.

EXO's Suho solo comeback with Grey Suit | Twitter: @weareoneEXO

Do you have everything ready for Suho's solo comeback? EXO-L is more than excited to hear new songs from this singer, we can't imagine what they will be like, but they will surely have great quality.

When will Suho's comeback with Gray Suit be?

There is still no confirmed date for the release of EXO Suho's comeback, more news and previews are expected in the following days, but we can think that it is closer than everyone expected.

Suho's comeback hasn't confirmed its release date | Twitter: @weareoneEXO

What a thrill! We are glad to know that as soon as Suho left the army, he was ready to get back into music and do what he is most passionate about once again.

But that's not all, EXO has its agenda for April 2022, so stay tuned for all the group's surprises for their fans, are you ready for next month?

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