ENHYPEN will have a comeback on July ENHYPEN will have a comeback on July

ENHYPEN is preparing a new comeback and this is all we know so far

When will ENHYPEN's comeback be? The K-Pop group is already working on new music that will be released very soon

ENHYPEN is already working on their next comeback, when will it be? The idol group will have new music for ENGENE and the whole world.

ENHYPEN is a young K-Pop group that has risen to prominence since their debut. In 2020, after choosing the members on the reality show 'I-LAND', this group was created and under Belift and HYBE they have been working hard to show the best songs and performances.

EN- quickly became a Million Seller in 2021, less than a year after its debut yet. This record has been phenomenal for the idol group that is already rubbing shoulders with groups with more years in the industry thanks to this type of achievement. There are a lot of ENHYPEN fans all over the world.

ENGENE is the fandom that is in charge of showing all their love and support for ENHYPEN and this fanbase has grown a lot during all the time. Each comeback has new records thanks to the fact that the fandom is in charge of putting everything to make their group shine at its best.

And ENGENE will be very happy this year, as ENHYPEN will soon have a comeback full of new music, great songs and performances for the fans. When will EN- comeback?

ENHYPEN will have their comeback ready in July, the group will release music very soon

According to K-Media, ENHYPEN will have a summer comeback, the boy band will release new music during the month of July and will take the stage once again in 2022. It would be early July when the idol group's new album will be released, 6 months after last comeback.

ENHYPEN will have its comeback ready on July | Twitter: @leadernim_yang

Do you have everything ready for ENHYPEN's comeback? We can't wait any longer, it will be next month when we finally have new music from the idol group and official information about this new album will surely be revealed in the next few days.

ENHYPEN will be very busy during this and the next few months

 As you may already know, the members of ENHYPEN have been working hard on a lot of things, this month and the following ones will be very busy. Sunghoon continues to MC Music Bank every Friday. Heeseung will appear in Lee Mujin Service's, the idol group will have a summer campaign with Coca-Cola. The comeback will arrive in July and in August 'Dark Moon' returns, the webtoon and webnovel of the idols.

ENHYPEN will have a busy schedule during this month and the following ones | Twitter: @belovedjake

So ENGENE still has a lot to see from EN-, we can't wait for this new comeback that will surely bring a lot of surprises for everyone.

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