Dreamcatcher members Dreamcatcher members

Dreamcatcher gets their first win ever with 'MAISON'

Deamcatcher made their comeback with the song "MAISON". For the first time since their debut they won a music show.

The girl group Dreamcatcher have dropped some greatsong like "Scream", "BOCA" and "Odd Eye". The agrupation is famous because of their awesome performances and their particular concept inspired by J-rock.

However, the popularity of the group in Korea increased slowly. Nowadays, the members are getting great achievements with their latest album "Apocalypse: Save Us". It sold more than 80 000 copies in the first week, breaking their own record.

Dreamcatcher for 'MAISON' / By @npomvtt

At the same time it was the first K-Pop girl group album to get the No.1 in the iTunes US best albums. Now the fans are celebrating another achievement of the girls, their first win.

Dreamcatcher won for first time since their debut

On April 12 Dreamcatcher made their comeback with their single track "MAISON" and a full album named "Apocalypse: Save Us".

After 1923 days after their debut, the group got their first win in a music show on April 20. The nominees for the music program "Show Champion" included BIGBANG's "Still Life", SHINee's Onew with "DICE", IVE's "LOVE DIVE" and of course Dreamcatcher.

The members received the prize with eyes full of tears. Watch the emotive moment here.

Congratulations to the members!

Do you like "MAISON"? If you like Dreamcatcher performances check our list of hypnotical K-Pop choreographies.

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