HyunA for 'Nabillera' HyunA for 'Nabillera'

Doesn't HyunA want to get married? She confesses the truth about her engagement

HyunA and DAWN get engaged a couple of months ago. They haven't set the wedding date. The singer is finally talking about it.

The most famous K-Pop couple is pretty unique. HyunA and DAWN are well known for their eccentric style. Their music is super creative, it reflects the true personality of these beloved artists.

Even their relationship is quite uncommon. Is not common to see Idols being open about their romantic life. However, these talented artists decided not to hide their love even if that forced them to leave their previous label, Cube Entertainment.

HyunA and DAWN / Twitter @JiniChannel

Fans all over the world were really happy when they announced their engagement. They poted their couple rings a couple of months ago. When will the wedding be held? HyunA has revealed her honest thoughts about it.

HyunA talks about her engagement with DAWN

On July 21st HyunA attended the show Radio Star to promote her new album "Nabillera". During the interview, she talked about her relationship with the rapper DAWN, who was a guest on the show recently. She felt less nervous because he received a lot of love from the show.

HyunA in Radio Star / Twitter @CherryKim1992

The rest of the guests were talking about marriage life, and HyunA eventually opened up about her engagement. She was very honest about her doubts even though the couple has been together for many years together.

DAWN proposed to me a few months ago but I feel like I don't want to get married. There seem to be a lot of things to take care of.

HyunA is a free spirit, just like she says in her new single. However, on the same show DAWN said that they could be getting married at any time. For sure, even their plans have to be unusual.

This couple has been together since 2016 and they got engaged in February 2022. We'll be waiting for more news about the wedding. Meanwhile, check here some fun facts about the mini-album "Nabillera". HyunA new music is awesome!

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