Does BTS' V smoke? Does BTS' V smoke?

Does Taehyung smoke? These photos of the BTS idol caused a controversy

BTS' V was exposed with a cigarette, does this artist smoke? These photos caused a lot of confusion in ARMY

A lot of idols might have habits that fans don't really know about, is it something that happened with Taehyung? This member of BTS was exposed with a cigarette in his hands.

Perhaps many times we cannot know everything about our favorite artists, there are always limits and it is also impossible to know everything. There are many things that are private and as fans we must respect this matter. Although in the world of K-Pop it can be a bit more strange in that sense.

The neat image of idols is easily caught up in controversies due to how the industry is run and also fors some laws in Korea. This is why many artists are very careful with their actions, words and so on. With BTS it is no exception and despite everything, they have managed to stay out of rumors or clear them up as soon as possible.

What might seem normal in the West in the world of entertainment, for Korea it is not. And although the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan have sometimes been accused of having affairs, for example, all the rumors have been cleared up. And although in many places they have protection, it is not always possible to be aware of who is taking pictures of them or in what places they can be spotted.

This time, some photos of Taehyung came to light outside the venue where the Grammys were held, in these he seems to be next to one of his staffs who is smoking a cigarette. V is also seen holding one of these, does the idol smoke and we didn't know?

BTS' V is smoking in these photos that caused controversy

Through Twitter, some photos were revealed, V from BTS seems to be smoking next to one of the group's staff outside the venue where the 2022 Grammys were held, these photos caused controversy since ARMY did not know that the idol smoked and many fans may have been disappointed about it.

Is Taehyung smoking in these photos? | Twitter: @vantequartz

These photographs caused conflicting opinions, while there are fans who think this is something bad for the idol's health, many others believe that it is his own life and that he could do what he wanted, without the followers interfering. 

The photos of Taehyung smoking seem to be fake

Fans from China came out to explain that Taehyung can't be smoking and not precisely because he disappoints fans, but because he has a condition in which some chemicals in cigarettes cause him allergies. ARMY contacted the person who had originally uploaded the photos to confront him and said person deleted the photos accepting that they were fake, they were edited.

Taehyung's photos are edited | Twitter: @vlogforyuqi

If this is true and the photos are edited, then the person who posted them would be in serious trouble as HYBE would take legal action by damaging the image of one of the BTS members with these photos.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, we go back to Taehyung who make ARMY jealous with his interaction with Olivia Rodrigo. 

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