Does STRAY KIDS hate 'Your Eyes' MV? This is what the members truly think about it

Recently, STRAY KIDS dropped the music video for "Your Eyes". The video is very sweet. This is how the members are reacting to it.

STRAY KIDS just finish its promotions in Japan. Even though their latest mini-album "CIRCUS was dedicated to the Japanese public, STAY from all over the world loved it. The music of this group is always on point.

For the project, these good-looking Idols revealed three singles: the Japanese version of "MANIAC", the title single "CIRCUS" and a lovely ballad called "Your Eyes". The last one made the whole fandom crazy.

STRAY KIDS 'MANIAC' tour in Japan / Twitter @Stray_Kids_JP

As you may know, this group mostly works with fierce concepts that suit perfectly the insane beats they produce. The fanatics love when they show a little bit of their soft side as they did in this music video. But, what do STRAY KIDS think about this sweet concept?

STRAY KIDS reacts to their unique music video for "Your Eyes"

On June 22 a special Japanese show with STRAY KIDS talking about their album "CIRCUS" was released. During the interview, the member watched the music video for "Your Eyes". Immediately, it created chaos in the set.

This music video was filmed to put the viewers in the point of view of a girlfriend. The most popular part was when Felix come closer to the camera to kiss STAY. This fragment is the one that the members hate the most.

While watching the video, Bang Chang left the room to avoid the situation. Meanwhile, the rest of them was screaming and covering their eyes. Felix, the protagonist of this fragment, was kicking the air.

It seems like they find it difficult to watch themselves in this video. However, their reaction is hilarious. If you haven't watched the music video, don't worry, we got you. Here is "Your Eyes", be careful it can melt down your heart.

 STRY KIDS is in America to start its tour "MANIAC". Here is all the information about it.

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