STRAY KIDS in Chicago STRAY KIDS in Chicago

Does STRAY KIDS has the best leader? This is how Bang Chan reacts to the title

STAY calls Bang Chan the best leader of the K-Pop 4th generation. This is how the member of STRAY KIDS is reacting to the title.

As you may know, the leader position is really important in a K-Pop group. This member is in charge of bringing the members together, helping to solve the inner problems, and even taking care of the whole group.

The rest of the members and even the fandoms show their gratitude to the leaders, they have a big weight on their shoulders. The love and dedication of these artists have a big impact on the career of the group.

STRAY KIDS in Chicago / Twitter @Stray_Kids

One of the most relevant groups of the 4th generation is, without any doubt, STRAY KIDS. This group is right now on its way to conquering the USA market. American STAY is calling Bang Chan the best leader of the generation. What does he think about it?

Bang Chan is a shy boy after listening STAY calling him 'Best Leader'

On July 1st STRAY KIDS rocked the United Center stage with its powerful concert in Chicago. The group is in the middle of the sold-out North America tour "MANIAC". The group has insane popularity.

Nowadays, every time Bang Chan introduces himself during the concerts STAY starts screaming "Best Leader". This happened in the Chicago concert, this time the rapper was really shy. He tried to stop the screams while saying "Okay, thank you".

The fans are loving his cute reaction, the humble leader turns red easily. That is not all, during the performance, he shows his perfect abs. At the begging, Bang Chan looks super confident and tough but in just a few seconds his lovely personality appears again.

Bang Chan in Chicago / Twitter @04HANM1N

Even if he acts humble, STAY is very proud of the sexy and cute leader. What do you think about his behavior?

STRAY KIDS just broke a new record on the most important global markets. We have all the details for you.

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