Joshua from SEVENTEEN might have a tattoo Joshua from SEVENTEEN might have a tattoo

Does SEVENTEEN's Joshua have a tattoo? This photo alerted CARAT

In one of the official SEVENTEEN photos, it appears that Joshua has a tattoo, or is it just a shadow?

SEVENTEEN released more photos from the idol group's photoshoot for 'Face The Sun' and in one of these it looks like Joshua has a tattoo, could it be real? CARAT found one more secret of SVT in this photo.

SEVENTEEN is one of the most popular and relevant K-Pop groups of the moment. Among its members we find Joshua, a guy who used to live in the United States when he was discovered by an employee of Pledis Entertainment and was invited to join the company. He is one of the vocalists in the group.

Joshua Hong is widely admired by CARAT, the loyal fandom that is dedicated to showing all their love and support for SVT and its idols. He has a fun personality and everyone loves his kind voice that is soothing to fans even when he is just talking. Thus he has won the hearts of thousands of fans.

We can't forget about Joshua's visuals and style, he always dresses super well and looks great in the clothes he chooses or the ones his stylist decides to put on him. In every photoshoot for SEVENTEEN albums, for magazines, collaborations with brands and so on, we have been able to see more of Joshua and his demeanor.

This time, in the photoshoot of the behind of 'Face The Sun', CARAT found something that may not be expected, it seems that Joshua has a tattoo and it might even be something very significant to the fandom and SEVENTEEN.

SEVENTEEN's Joshua may have a tattoo on his ribs, so CARAT found it in this photo

Naver released the behind the photoshoot of some concepts of SEVENTEEN for 'Face The Sun', photos of all the group members were revealed and in Joshua's photos, he is wearing different outfits. In one of these photos, Jisoo is wearing a lace-like top, thus small parts of his skin are exposed. 

Despite the fact that the material and design of the garment creates a shadow on Joshua's body, CARAT noticed a difference and on one of his ribs the outlines of a tattoo are clearly visible. Of course, you have to zoom in to see them better, but you can see the ink on the idol's skin.

Joshua and his tattoo | Twitter: @nineteeneleanor

You can definitely notice some strokes there, they're pretty thin, so it could be a pretty thin tattoo. could it be fake? Recall that for this comeback, Vernon wore temporary tattoos, though they had a purpose and here Joshua's tattoo wasn't exactly exposed.

CARAT believes Joshua's tattoo is a diamond

Some strokes of this tattoo that we can see in Joshua seem to create the figure of a diamond, something very significant because it is what represents SEVENTEEN and CARAT. Some fans even theorize that it could be a tattoo that in fact all the members of the idol group have, but it must be well hidden. Maybe they did it to celebrate their seventh anniversary.

Is Joshua's tattoo a diamond? | Twitter: @_amariyours

For a while now, fans have been suggesting the group to get a tattoo all together, but nothing was confirmed, will it be this one? Also, if the tattoo is recent, Joshua may have simply forgotten he has it and so didn't cover it well, OMG. Well, hopefully he'll reveal it soon, either way it's on a very inconspicuous side, so there shouldn't be a problem.

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