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Does Baekhyun from EXO have a girlfriend? Love life revealed!

Is EXO's lead singer engaged? Even though Baekhyun was once romantically involved with Taeyeon, he has been quiet about his relationship status since then. We've done our research on the singer's love life, so we can answer all your questions about his ideal type and if he has a girlfriend right now or not. Keep reading for all the details.

  • Baekhyun's full name is Byun Baekhyun and his net worth is around $15 million.
  • He has 21 million followers on Instagram.
  • The star is on temporary hiatus from singing because he is completing his mandatory Korean military enlistment.

No dating ban?

Baekhyun in EXO's 'Universe'

Most talent agencies in Korea put dating bans on singers. The number of years for the ban is specified in the idol's contracts. That's because the companies want the idols to focus more on their careers rather than getting distracted by relationships. But SM Entertainment, EXO's agency, does not have strict rules like that. A former trainee revealed that the company has no dating ban, and actress Lee Yeon Hee (also from SM) said on a radio show that the management only wants their artists to not get caught on dates. So it's possible that Baekhyun has had girlfriends that no one knows about.

Relationship with Taeyeon from Girls' Generation

Taeyeon and Baekhyun

Taeyeon is Baekhyun's senior at SM Entertainment who knew him since he joined the company in 2011. So they had always been close, but in early 2014 fans began to suspect they were dating when they were spotted wearing couple items. In June 2014, Korean news outlet Dispatch revealed photos of Baekhyun and Taeyeon on a date in the girl band member's car. They also reported that the couple had gone on 5 dates within the previous month. Most of their secret meetings were late at night or early at dawn to avoid being seen and because of their busy schedules.

Dispatch released this photo of Baekhyun and Taeyeon's car date

Soon, SM Entertainment confirmed that the Tae-Baek couple had been in a relationship since February of that year. The two stars made headlines for months whenever photos from their dates were revealed, even though they tried to meet secretly. Most fans were very happy at this news. But haters said they felt "betrayed" by the EXO member. They spread toxic comments about the two idols online, tried to boycott Baekhyun and bullied Taeyeon so much that she had to apologize to so-called fans at an airport. Despite all this, the couple continued their relationship. But in 2015, it was reported that they had parted ways. The reason for the breakup was they both had hectic schedules, so they couldn't find time for each other.

Current dating status?

Baekhyun at an EXO concert in 2016

After the Tae-Baek couple split, there were many rumors that they might still be dating secretly. But no one found any proof. It was only heard that the two stars were still good friends. Since then, the 'Candy' singer has not been involved in any dating rumors.

Ideal type?

A still shot of Baekhyun from EXO CBX's 'Blooming Days' music video

In an old interview, Baekhyun revealed his unique ideal type. He said he prefers a cute girl with good skin and round features, who looks good in jeans. For the 29-year-old, being as talkative or bubbly as him isn't a requirement, but he wants a girl who will listen to him and laugh at his jokes. Interestingly, he admitted that he also likes challenges. So he prefers women who have different sides. He confessed:

I'd prefer if they weren't that nice and knew how to play hard-to-get when appropriate."

Baekhyun behind-the-scenes of EXO' performance of 'Obsession'

Since he doesn't have a dating ban, maybe Baekhyun has a secret girlfriend. He might have just learned to hide his relationship better. Or maybe he isn't dating right now because of his ongoing military enlistment. What do you think? Let us know! And before you go, check out this video:

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