Who writed BLACKPINK's lyrics? Who writed BLACKPINK's lyrics?

Does BLACKPINK write their own songs? Know who is the lyricist of the group

BLACKPINK is a girl group with extremely talented artists and some of them have even written their own songs

Perhaps the talent of BLACKPINK idols is not only limited to singing and dancing, some of them have credits in their songs.

The 4 members of BLACKPINK have worked hard for a long time, since their debut in 2016 they have been growing and working together to give their best in the studio and on stage. All of them are truly amazing and never cease to amaze the public with their songs and performances.

The idols of this girl group have not only worked together, they have also had their songs as soloists and on several occasions they have shone alone. Almost all of them have released songs individually, first it was Jennie with 'Solo', then Rosé and 'On The Ground' and who more recently debuted as a soloist, 'Lisa' with 'Lalisa'.

As is well known, in the K-Pop industry there are a lot of idols who write their own songs, who leave everything of themselves in each track to be able to express themselves and give comfort and more feelings to their fans, is it something they also do? BP idols? How good will they be as lyricists?

So here we tell you who writes BLACKPINK songs, maybe the idols leave more of their talents in each girl group track, or will they have a team of lyricist for them?

Who writes BLACKPINK's songs?

Most of BLACKPINK's songs are written by the lyricists who work for YG Entertainment or on a freelance basis, so to speak. But in fact, Jisoo and Jennie have credits on the song 'Lovesick Girls' since they participated in its writing. Teddy Park is one of the frequent writers for BP.

For their solo works, only Rosé has song credits, Lisa and Jennie didn't write their songs either. BLINK says that although they are not credited on most tracks, the truth is that they write their own raps for some songs.


For BLACKPINK's next comeback, their idols might have more participation in their album

BLACKPINK's producer for their next album revealed that Jennie and Rosé actually worked on part of the lyrics, so if the songs they participated in make it to the album, we'll have more of the group members in their songs. We are excited about BLACKPINK upcoming comeback.

Rosé and Jennie might have more participation on next BLACKPINK's album | Twitter: @jenniesrenes

Let's wait a little longer for BLACKPINK's comeback and we'll hopefully have new tracks written by the members of this amazing girl group.

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