D.O. from EXO.

Discover why Kyungsoo was named the 'mother' of EXO

EXO singer Doh Kyung-soo AKA D.O. is one of the best vocalists of the famous K-pop group. In addition, his bandmates gave him a very curious nickname "umma" which means mother in Korean. Keep reading to know more.  

  • Doh Kyung-soo was born in 1993 in South Korea and joined SM Entertainment in 2010, after passing an open audition.
  • In 2012 the actor and singer was introduced as one of the members of the iconic band EXO.
  • D.O. is known among fans for his particular way of singing in the background of the band's songs reaching very high notes.
EXO after a concert.

Kyngsoo's bandmates have listed him as the mom of the group.

Why? For his skills as a caretaker. It is well known that the 28-year-old singer is one of EXO's neater members.

D.O. from EXO.

According to his roommate Kai, D.O. keeps everything super clean. He even has his shirts sorted by type and color.

Besides taking good care of his things, the singer and actor likes to provide food for his companions.

D.O. cooking for the band.

He is, in fact, the official cook of the boy group. 

Fun fact: the idol used his cooking skills when he had to enlist for the military service.

However, one of his passions in addition to his stage talent is styling.

During an interview, the idol revealed that he would love to fix the hair of his bandmates. To which, they all answered no, thank you!


It's funny, but I suppose that in every family there must be someone who takes care of everyone and of course a good chef!

What do you think about Kyungsoo?

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