Discover the latest news about the new K-pop band Aespa Updated!

Discover the latest news about the new K-pop band Aespa Updated!

We have great news about SM Entertainment's new girl group Aespa. The band has piqued the curiosity of Korean pop fans a lot, and we are all waiting for the release date of the 4 girls on November 17th. Keep reading to find out the latest news about the group.

  • Girl group Aespa is SM Entertainment's first release since NCT in 2016. 
  • In 2014, they released Red Velvet and since then no other girl group has been formed by this entertainment company. 
  • The Aespa concept is totally innovative. They intend to combine virtual reality with the tangible world.
  •  Therefore, the name Aespa which combines three words: Avatar/Experience/Aspect.

The Concept of the band


 Each of the 4 members of the group will have an associated avatar in charge of doing online performances with content never seen before.

These are the four avatars of Aespa.

It all sounds great especially at this time when concerts are not a viable option in the world due to the pandemic.

Karina, Ning Ning, Winter, and Giselle are the ones chosen for this project.

The good news folks is that we already have a release date. It will be on November 17.

Karina with her avatar on a promotional video.

It was also announced through the official website of SM that their debut single will be “Black Mamba”.

At the same time, a teaser video of the 4 girls was presented showing off their individual skills.

We're very excited about this premiere and eager to discover this hybrid between avatars and human beings.

This might be the future of entertainment.

The debut of Aespa


Their first digital song, "Black Mamba" was a total success for a debuting band, reaching 32 million views on YouTube in just one day!

It's nothing to be surprised since the audience had been waiting anxiously to see and listen to Karina, Ning Ning, Winter and Giselle.

Aespa in colorful outfits.

The girls didn't disappoint and now we are waiting to see what's Lee Soo Man's company next move.

We hope they drop a new song soon!

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