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Did TWICE's Jihyo debut when she was a baby? ONCE is melting because of this cute clip

The leader of TWICE has been working in the industry for more years than you think. Jihyo debuted when she was a baby!

All the members of TWICE were famous even before their debut. These talented Idols participated in the survival show "SIXTEEN". Back then they were pretty young but they had tons of fanatics supporting them.

Nowadays, the nine singers are leading the Hallyu wave. We are talking about the best-selling girl group of the moment. Their popularity is insane! We saw them working hard to achieve their actual impressive success.

Jihyo, leader of TWICE / Twitter @__michaeng__

Just a few days ago, ONCE was celebrating the 17th Jihyo anniversary since she joined the label JYP Entertainment as a trainee. Well, the leader has been in the industry for more years than the fans thought. We are telling you everything.

TWICE's Jihyo shares everything about her first work in the entertainment world

Recently, Jihyo confessed to ONCE that she appeared on a Tv show when she was just a baby. Immediately, the whole fandom was anxious to find out a little bit about the old show, but it couldn't find it.

On July 18th SBS hear the fans' wishes and posted a fragment of the show. It is a documentary that talks about babies' intelligence. Jihyo was one of those cute children. She was really beautiful back then.

Picture of baby Jihyo / Twitter @saagggeee_trn

Of course, this clip is driving crazy the fans, she was so adorable. The fandom and the member of TWICE are really thankful for revealing the video. On her Instagram stories, Jihyo posted the clip and her gratitude.

Finally, it was released. Thank you.

Jihyo's Instagram story / Twitter @TWICExONCES

Her beauty is out of this world! ONCE is falling again for the leader, this time for baby Jihyo. Do you want to see the entire clip? We have it for you. Before watching it, be careful, there is too much cuteness.

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