Did Sunmi plagiarized Avril Lavigne? Did Sunmi plagiarized Avril Lavigne?

Did Sunmi plagiarize Avril Lavigne? Heart Burn is in a controversy and here's why

Is it true that Sunmi plagiarized? Netizens are comparing her song 'Heart Burn' to Avril Lavigne's music

What happened to Sunmi? The K-Pop soloist is being accused of having plagiarized Avril Lavigne, do their songs really sound the same?

Sunmi is a K-Pop solo artist who debuted with the group Wonder Girls in 2007. But 3 years later, in 2010 she left her girl group and then debuted solo. Since then, she has worked hard on her music, as she is also writing it. She has given great tracks for her fans.

In this 2022, Sunmi has had two comebacks with which she has delighted her fans. Although she has not released an album as such and these have been two singles with which she has definitely delighted all her followers. First they had 'Oh Sorry Ya' and just 3 weeks ago, she released 'Heart Burn'.

With his comeback also came live performances and other promotion. In fact 'Heart Burn' was doing well on Korean charts and even outside of Korea. It was being a hit and fans really liked this new single from Sunmi that everyone can enjoy.

But now Sunmi and 'Heart Burn' are in a controversy, as the singer is being accused of plagiarism, does her song really resemble that of another artist? Listen to both versions and decide for yourself.

Why was Sunmi accused of plagiarizing Avril Lavigne? There's a controversy with Heart Burn

Netizens found a great resemblance between the song 'Heart Burn' by Sunmi and 'I Don't Give' by Avril Lavigne, the riffs and beats of both tracks are quite similar, as well as the way in which the lines of the lyrics were arranged to be sung in the songs. Lavigne's song premiered 19 years ago.

Do you think these two tracks are similar? The truth is that sometimes almost unintentional plagiarism has occurred, this happens when some artists listen to a song and the beat or riff sticks to their mind, when creating something original they are based on what is in their mind and sometimes it happens.

 Sunmi's fans defended the singer from plagiarism accusations

Sunmi's fans defended their idol, they said that the song was really very common these days, that maybe it was a trend in music, more than plagiarism. They also accused the others of being jealous of Sunmi's success with 'Heart Burn'.

Well, if a legal proceeding is started between Avril Lavigne and Sunmi, then we will know if it really was plagiarized or if this will just happen as an incident noticed by the fans and it will not be something serious.

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