Ning Ning from Aespa.

Did Ning Ning from Aespa undergo plastic surgery?

What question! The truth is that apparently most idols do. They don't usually confess it though. We can't deny Ning Ning's natural beauty, but looking at her pre-debut photos has raised our doubts. Keep reading to find out if she underwent any plastic surgery or not.

  • The question of plastic surgery surrounds idols all the time, no matter if they are girls or boys. 
  • It is that they look so perfect that nobody can believe that this is natural. 
  • While in some cases it seems that genetics have favored them notably, (this is the case of Karina from Aespa who looks exactly the same in her pre-debut photos as in her post),for others, old photos leave them in evidence.
Giselle from Aespa, before and after debut.

 We were recently discussing the drastic makeover of another Aespa member, the Japanese Giselle who apparently would have done a little job done before being announced as the main rapper of the new SM Entertainment girl group.

Specifically we were struck by her jaw that in the old photos of the singer of "Black Mamba" it looked much larger than the day of her announcement on October 28th, 2020.

Regarding this we have not received an official response from the involved or her managers.

However, it seems obvious and also understandable.

Ning Ning from Aespa.

In Ning Ning's case, we had never considered the option of plastic surgery until we looked closely at several photos from her pre-adolescent years, where we can see a beautiful girl but with a strangely different nose than the one she wears today.

Don't get us wrong, Ning Ning has so much singing talent and incredible visuals, in fact she is one of the cutest idols today.

Nose jobs and skin whitening are the most common interventions among idols.

Pre-debut Ning Ning.

This is because large entertainment companies such as SM or JYP invest a lot of time and money in their artists so that they become fashion leaders and an object of admiration for their followers.

On the other hand we wonder if this will be really positive for teenagers who consume K-Pop since it could put a very high bar of beauty and damage the self-esteem of some.

It is clear that in general the public understands that these singers and dancers are there to fulfill the purpose of being idolized and are even seen as celestial beings.

Aespa's promotional picture.

From here we want to send the message to all adolescents to love themselves as they are and if they decide to have any plastic surgery that is to be good with themselves and not because of the opinion of others.

Stay tuned for more news about the world of K-pop and don't forget to leave a comment.

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