Jungkook took his flight to Las Vegas first Jungkook took his flight to Las Vegas first

Did Jungkook go to Las Vegas without BTS? The idol took his flight first

BTS' Jungkook is already on his way to Las Vegas, why did he leave the rest of the group in Korea?

Jungkook took his flight to the United States, the maknae of BTS went ahead on the trip to Las Vegas, why did he leave his other groupmates in Korea?

BTS is has its agenda ready for next month, in April, the idol group will have various shows and events for its fans and for which we can no longer wait. After their concerts in South Korea in March, everyone wants to know what's next in their schedules.

Activities begin on April 3, Bangtan Sonyeondan has confirmed its participation in the 2022 Grammy Awards, this performance had been questioned as the ceremony was postponed and it meant that the Bangtan Boys could no longer travel unexpectedly without damaging their schedule.

But maybe the world has aligned and Bangtan will make it possible, the group will have their performance at the Grammys. A few days later, BTS will have 4 concert dates in Las Vegas, with Permission To Dance On Stage taking over MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 8, 9, 15 and 16. The last date will be broadcast online so that ARMY from all over the world can see it.

There are only a few days left for the first BTS event in the US and apparently the first to take his flight was Jungkook, why did he decide to leave his groupmates?

Why did Jungkook travel to Las Vegas first? This is the reason why he left BTS in Korea

According to K-Media, BTS' Jeon Jungkook is already on his way to Las Vegas, the group's maknae unexpectedly took his flight before the entire boy band. The information says that he boarded the plane accompanied by staff. JK traveled to America first because he had things to confirm and prepare for the Grammys performance.

Jungkook at the airport | Twitter: @jeonjjjungkoook

So this time, Jungkook will be in charge of fine-tuning the last details for BTS' performance at the Grammys that will take place on April 3.

 When will the other members of BTS travel to Las Vegas?

Today the rest of BTS will travel to Las Vegas, only hours apart was that Jungkook was ahead of the trip, but soon all the idols of the group will be gathered in the United States to carry out their already planned activities.

BTS at the airport | Twitter: @BTSChartsDailyx

What a thrill! BTS will soon be in the United States and will start with all the activities for ARMY, soon we will see them shine on stage again.

Keep reading more about BTS, did you see the group at the 2022 Oscars? They made a specail and surprice appearance in the ceremony awards.

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