Jungkook and Jimin might have new tattos Jungkook and Jimin might have new tattos

Did Jungkook and Jimin get a couple tattoo? This might be a clue

ARMY know that Jungkook and Jimin have some tattos and they might have a new one since this tattoo artist has something that belongs to them

Some BTS' members have tattoos which are a part of their styles, and it seems like Jungkook and Jimin might have new tattoos, and here's the reason why.

BTS memers have a unique style which steals a lot of looks everywhere they go, their airport outfits show that these idols are fashionable and have an individual way of dressing that is surrounded by their essence. And they'd show more about themselves with their looks and accesories.

Tattoos are also a big part of Bangtan Sonyeondan's idols style, two of them have ink on their skin, Jungkook is one of them, even if he had to hide his tattoos for a long time, we've seen him showing them freely and confidently lately. And ARMY loves the desings that he will have forever.

The other one is Jimin, who has less tattoos than JK, and in parts of his body that are not very visible, but they look beautiful on him. Tattoos might be a wayof expression too, or a symbol for something that you want to have forever, since thety tend to last for a whole life.

And it seems that Jungkook and Jimin have some new tattoos that they're hiding from ARMY, but the fandom is clever and will find clues even in the smallest details.

This tatto artist spoils that Jimin and Jungkook might have new tattoos

ARMY found a clue that spoils new Jimin and Jungkook's tattos, the fandom followed a tattoo artist who shared a photo of his studio on Instagram Stories, and if you look at the details you'll find something that belongs to Jimin and Jungkook, the artist has these BTS members' autograph on his wall.

The tattoo artist that has Jungkook and Jimin's autograph | Twitter: @MINGUKKIEFOLDER

ARMY is very observant fandom which will find every clue and detail which tells something new about its favorite idols. That's how fans discovered that Jungkook and Jimin might have new tattoos and they haven't shown yet.

 What kind of tattos did Jungkook and Jimin get?

Fans are thinking about a couple tattoo since JK and Mochi's friendship is truly valuable, but it might be that they had individual tattos. And also we might think that it was just one of the idols getting a tattoo and the other one just came along with his bandmate.

Did Jungkook and Jimin get a couple tattoo? | Twitter: @kookminville

 Maybe, Jimin and Jungkook will show their new tattoos very soon, since they're having more concerts in the next days and if they have them on visible parts, i'll be easy for ARMY to find them.

Get to know more about BTS and its members, we have some Jimin's solo songs that you will love, they show more of his amazing voice.

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