Were BTS members classmates? Were BTS members classmates?

Did BTS members go to school together? Get to know their predebut history

The members of BTS did not stop studying despite their life as trainees, did they go to school together?

Although the boys of BTS started preparing to debut in BigHit Entertainment, they also continued to study, were they classmates?

The history of BTS goes back many years even before the debut of the boy band. It starts with the dream of Bang PD, but also those of the boys who became BigHit Entertainment trainees in order to become idols and shine together as much as they do today in the international music industry.

Some of the Bangtan Sonyeondan boys prepared a lot even before they belonged to BigHit, they went through special schools, auditions, were underground rappers and more. The K-Pop agency took it upon themselves to find and gather top talent to finally debut a group with a perfect formula. Likewise, the success of the idol group was not built overnight but it was achieved quite well.

Perhaps the Bangtan Boys have even exceeded their own expectations today, but they have also put all their effort, work and dedication to have the results that today place them not only at the top of K-Pop, but also at the top of the overall music industry. BTS is an international phenomenon and its huge fanbase proves it.

But going back once again to the beginnings of BTS, did you know that they continued to study alongside their artistic career? Even as trainees they had to go to school and when they debuted some of them continued to work on their education, did the members of Bangtan go to school together?

The members of BTS were classmates? These idols went to school together

Not all BTS members went to school together due to age differences, there are only two idols in the group who were classmates. V and Jimin who were born in 1995 went to the same high school. They have told some of their experiences when they were still students, Mochi was very dedicated, Taehyung not so much, but Jimin helped him. He even woke him up so they could go study together.

After school, they would both go back to start working on their talents as trainees and no matter what time they finished, they would also study after practice, OMG.

Jimin and Taehyung went to school together | Twitter: @taebokkiii

So now you know which members of BTS went to school together, these two idols were great students and trainees and today they have graduated from high school and also from university as well as being one of the best musical groups in the whole world.

What high school did Jimin and V study at together?

Jimin and V studied together at Korean Arts High School after transferring as they studied in their respective hometowns before becoming BigHit Entertainment trainees. They graduated in 2014, a year after BTS debuted, which was a great achievement for both idols.

Jimin and Taehyung during highschool | Twitter: @kkoobap

Now you know a little more about BTS and its members, this was their pre-debut story as students, did you already know it?

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, listen to some of the band boys ballads which they did speccially for ARMY. 

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