BLACKPINK might have worked with Ryan Tedder for their next album BLACKPINK might have worked with Ryan Tedder for their next album

Did BLACKPINK work with OneRepublic for their new album? Ryan Tedder gave us a hint

Ryan Tedder is the vocalist of OneRepublic and maybe he gave us a hint about BLACKPINK's new album, did he work with the idols?

This month the first single from the album that BLACKPINK will release soon will be premiered, and it seems that we have some clues that indicate the concept that it will have, could it be that the girl group worked with OneRepublic for their comeback?

BLACKPINK is one of the most popular and relevant K-Pop girl groups in the industry. They have become famous worldwide thanks to their songs and performances that have conquered millions of fans around the planet. The idols of this group are really talented.

This year, BP will finally have a new comeback, BLINK was waiting impatiently for new music from the girl group and it will indeed come to us soon. It's been two long years and BLACKPINK's hiatus is the longest in 3rd generation groups. But finally we know that August is the month when we will have new music.

With the official announcement of 'BORN PINK', fans are beyond excited for BLACKPINK's comeback. It is known that during August, the girl group will release the first single, then, in September, the new album will be released. But the surprises do not end there, because in October the world tour of the band will arrive.

But what can we expect from BLACKPINK's new album? Maybe the girl group worked with OneRepublic and here's a little hint that could spark a lot of BLINK theories.

Did BLACKPINK work with OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder for their comeback? He gave a hint about the girl group's new album

BLACKPINK may have worked with OneRepublic vocalist/songwriter/producer Ryan Tedder as he liked a BLINK tweet about how Jennie wanted to try dark concepts in BLACKPINK's music. And that in fact during her stay in the United States during 2021, she could have worked with Ryan.

Is this a Ryan Tedder's hint for new BLACKPINK album? | Twitter: @GIRL0VESICK

So we might have an interesting collaboration here, even if Tedder was only involved in producing or writing BLACKPINK's songs for the new album.

When did BLACKPINK meet with Ryan Tedder?

In 2021, Rosé and Jennie were seen at Ryan Tedder's studio, so it was during the idols' visit to the United States that they were able to meet OneRepublic's producer, writer, and vocalist to work together. He also said a short time ago that if that what they had worked on was on the album, this would be just great.

Rosé and Jennie in Ryan Tedder's studio | Twitter: @JNK1ACE

Well we can't wait for BLACKPINK's new album, there is no exact release date yet but we know it will be a success for the girl group.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and their comeback, here we tell you everything about their first teaser which excited us a lot, 

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