Was ARMY disrespectful with BTS? Was ARMY disrespectful with BTS?

Did ARMY misbehave with BTS during their concerts in Las Vegas?

It seems that not everything was good in Permission To Dance On Stage In Las Vegas, did ARMY make BTS angry?

Sometimes the emotion of the moment does not allow us to think clearly and we end up doing things that can annoy others, was it something that happened between ARMY and BTS during the group's concerts in Las Vegas?

BTS has been characterized by having an excellent relationship with their fans. Idols always find themselves pleasing their followers, interacting with them, and granting a large part of their lives to those who have accompanied them for a long or short time in the career of this K-Pop group. They have certainly made a great team with their fandom.

And if it weren't for ARMY, Bangtan Sonyeondan wouldn't be as popular as it is now. This boyband is full of extremely talented idols, but if you have talent, you also need an audience that recommends you and appreciates your work. So this is why the Bangtan Boys are eternally grateful to all the people who follow them on their music journey.

ARMY is a fairly large and dedicated fandom, they work very well as a team and are the ones who have brought Bangtan to the top. They always show their great support and love for the members of the group and not only is BTS a shining star, but also their huge fan club that keeps growing day by day and in all parts of the world.

But have BTS and ARMY ever had a problem? Maybe there are times when the fandom has taken some liberties that came to annoy the idols, what happened at their concerts in Las Vegas.

Did ARMY disrespect BTS? Other fans point to public misbehavior at PTD On Stage in Las Vegas

At the BTS concerts in Las Vegas, the problem was that ARMY threw many objects at the idols both on stage and when they take their cart and take a tour of the venue. The members of the group were forced to move to avoid what the fans threw at them. And on some occasions, they couldn't even dodge them and the objects ended up hitting the idols.

ARMY talks about the issue in PTD On Stage In Las Vegas | Twitter: @KimStef_tk

The complaints of other fans towards the public of PTD On Stage In Las Vegas give us many things to think about, because you always have to be aware when it comes to being at a concert, despite the emotion and the fact that perhaps what you are wearing is a gift for BTS idols, it is best to give it to them respectfully. 

ARMY wants other fans to respect BTS | Twitter: @ChiGal4Bangtan

 ARMY is putting 3 rules for BTS concerts

In every concert it is important to respect the artists who are performing and also the other public that is at the event, because it is not only us who are going to enjoy the show. So ARMY is sharing 3 simple rules for BTS concerts, here we have them.

ARMY's rules for BTS concerts | Twitter: @SaraBangtan07

It might be difficult not to lose your temper a bit when we are at a concert, but it is also important to respect and not make these events a problem or that the measures and activities start to be changed by the fans themselves and their disturbances.

Keep reading more about BTS and its memberts, here we tell you everything about the Universe that the group has been building with its songs and MVs.

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