Debuts and comebacks of K-Pop for July 2022 Debuts and comebacks of K-Pop for July 2022

Debuts and comebacks scheduled for July 2022, K-Pop will have a lot of new music

Like every month, our fav groups will have new releases and new groups will debut in July 2022

July is almost here and this next month will bring us new K-Pop music with the debuts of new idol groups and the comebacks of our favorite groups.

In K-Pop you work super constantly, our favorite groups are always thinking of new songs and concepts to try in new comebacks. While music agencies look for new talents for the creation of young idol groups. Fans will always have a premiere to enjoy.

Every month we have new K-Pop songs, MVs and performances for all fans. And it is that in addition to our fav groups having comebacks, there are also debuts of new boy bands or girl groups with rookie idols who seek to show all their talents to fans of the musical genre.

In this month we were able to enjoy some comebacks and debuts, both for groups and soloists, surely it will still take us a while to overcome BTS's or TWICE's Nayeon's debut, Wonho's comeback that has also been wonderful. But June is running out for us and soon we will be in a new month.

For July there are already a lot of debuts and comebacks prepared for all K-Pop fans. Write down all the dates of these in your calendar so you don't miss out on all the new music that we can hear very soon.

All the comebacks and debuts set to release in July 2022

July 2022 brings us great surprises, SEVENTEEN and ENHYPEN, for example, will have a comeback, although the first one will be with a repackage. Also J-Hope from BTS will release a new album so we are more than ready to hear it. There will also be a couple of very interesting debuts that we don't want to miss. Here all of them and their dates.

Some of the groups with comebacks on July | Twitter: @_ITZYuko

 Do you have everything ready to listen to the new K-Pop music? We are very excited for these comebacks and debuts.

Stay tuned for all the teasers for these comebacks and debuts

To be aware of each advance that K-Pop groups present for their comebacks and debuts, you must follow the official social networks of each idol group and also their agencies, which is where they usually post everything related to their comebacks. On Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and others you will have all the official content.

And of course, keep reading since we have all the information here too! ;) Keep reading more about your favorite K-Pop groups, here we tell you more about how SEVENTEEN brought together idols from different groups on their last concert. 

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