Debuts and comebacks for June 2022 Debuts and comebacks for June 2022

Debuts and comebacks ready for June 2022, what will be new in K-Pop?

During the next month we will have long-awaited comebacks and also new K-Pop groups, what will June bring?

The month of June will be full of K-Pop thanks to the comebacks of our favorite groups and also new groups that will debut soon.

The K-Pop industry is always on the move, with new, fresh, and innovative things to satisfy fans. Sometimes it seems incredible to us that there are groups with a lot of comebacks in the year. Be it with Korean, Japanese or even Chinese and English releases.

And also the K-Pop agencies are still looking for talents to launch new girl groups or boy bands in the music genre. Sometimes we meet pre-debut projects that soon become an amazing idol group and start to attract more and more fans' attention.

This is why every month we have new comebacks and debuts ready to drop and bring many more new songs and performances to K-Pop. We have countless groups that work hard on their music to present the best to the public and their fans.

So June 2022 will have a lot of great new songs and groups too, who will comeback and who will debut soon? Don't miss out on everything new in K-Pop.

All debuts and comebacks scheduled for June 2022

During June 2022 we will have a lot of comebacks although not as many debuts as we expected but it will be enough to keep all K-Pop fans happy, right? So here we have all the dates so you don't miss the latest in this musical genre.

Debuts and comebacks for June 2022 | Twitter: @lunaloveskz

We can't wait for these comebacks and debuts, it will be great everything that our favorite artists will bring to K-Pop and also the debuts of groups and soloists that will come.

Where can you buy the new albums at K-Pop group comebacks?

Depending on the artist in question, the official pages of their agencies and stores have the albums for sale from presale. In each country there are usually stores or GOs where fans buy albums in each comeback so that shipping from Korea is not so expensive. Weverse Shop, Starship Square, GMarket, KTown4U, MyMusicTaste, Yes24 and more stores will have pre-sale albums and even exclusive benefits.

You can buy some albums on pre-sale now | Twitter: @official__wonho

Let's wait for June and all of the releases of our favorite K-Pop groups, the best thing about this is that the albums are released digitally at the moment, so we don't have to wait for our album to be shipped to get to listen to it.

Keep reading more about your favorite K-Pop idols and comebacks, and more, here we tell you more about Wonho and his comeback with Facade. 

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