SEVENTEEn for 'Sector 17' SEVENTEEn for 'Sector 17'

DK shows his deep love for SEVENTEEN during hilarious Friendship Test with Glamour

SEVENTEEN members really trust each other. DK and Seungkwan are showing the strong friendship of the group.

Named one of the most fun K-Pop groups in the industry. Yes, we're thinking the same: SEVENTEEN. We are talking about wonderful performers who have been working together since they were pretty young. Their chemistry is the best!

According to the members, the group is a real family. We have seen them talking about their strong brotherhood many times. The most recent proof was the renewal of their contracts. The 13 Idols decided to work together for more years.

SEVENTEEN for '_WORLD' / Twitter @pledis_17

Right now the handsome singers are promoting its new album "Sector 17" and the title single "_WORLD". They are attending different shows to talk about this project. During an interview with Glamour, they showed their amazing friendship.

SEVENTEEN tries the Friendship Test with Glamour

On July 19th Glamour Youtube channel dropped its interview with SEVENTEEN. The hilarious video shows the members facing different challenges to prove how good is their friendship. No one is surprised to read this: they are like true brothers.

We cannot talk about family without mentioning the jokes among siblings. Well, the singers of "HOT" are not the exception. DK was asked to do the trust fall, it is a segment when one of the friends let himself fall into the arms of the rest of the group.

SEVENTEEN in Glamour interview / Twitter @JEONNGHANl

Usually, the dynamic is quite emotive but SEVENTEEN was very funny. DK closed his eyes to fall surrounded by the rest of them. The Idols were pushing their teammate, so Dokyeom was rolling around. Jeonghan added:

I could feel our strong friendship!

Even if he was really scared, Seungkwan also tried the segment. The result was the same. Thie energy is awesome. Check the funny interview here. Be ready to laugh a lot.

SEVENTEEN's new album is conquering iTunes. We are telling you all the great marks of 'Sector 17'.

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